Vanile on the Rock | The Uber- Chic Jewelry Line by Vanessa Geroulanos


Vanile on the rock earrings

Aqua marine jade drop earrings


Vanile on the Rock designed by Vanessa Petropole- Geroulanos is a new, stylish, luxurious, affordable and easy to wear jewelry line.

I have met Vanessa from my friend Lara years ago, and I always considered her among the prettiest, super stylish Greek girls I know.

Vanessa, at the age of 18 went to study at the prestigious and close society of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in the USA, majoring in Apparel and Textile Design. After graduating with a BFA degree she went to complete her education at Central Saint Martin’s in London for an Advance fashion Program.

She was always involved with fashion and has worked with several famous fashion houses in New York, London and in Greece.

She explains about her fashion jewelry “My personal jewelry style is combining the simplicity and the UEBER-chic inspired by the today’s lifestyle, playing with the beauty of all the natural stones, pearls and metals!”


I have enough jewelry, said no one ever


Vanile on the Rock Earrings


Aqua Marine Jade earring Vanessa Geroulanos



I chose a pair of long Aqua marine, jade gold plated silver pair of earring. They are inspired by the water shades in the Spring, as Vanessa told me, and the middle gold stone is druzzy golden pyrite- reflection of the golden summer sun!

Jade is one of the healing stones that has been used extensively in the past, especially in the ancient Eastern civilizations.  Jade is a special stone that is believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace. It has spiritual attributes, which are extremely distinct.


Vanessa Petropole Geroulanos portrait


Vanessa Petropole- Geroulanos

Vanessa Geroulanos Logo


Vanessa Petropole Geroulanos Inspiration


You can find the Vanessa Petropole- Geroulanos jewelry collection on her online shop Vanile on the Rock

Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. We( me and my wife) are fans of Vanessa Before this line.


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