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Valentine’s Day | Love it ? Hate it ? - TrendSurvivor

Valentine’s Day | Love it ? Hate it ?


baby love hate
Hi Girls! Valentine’s Day !!! Is it stupid?  Is it romantic?   Is it commercial? Is it real?  Is it meaningless ?  Is it meaningful ?   Is it inspiring?  Are you Anti-Valentine or Valentine?  My thoughts with pictures…. Let’s start!

symbolism of race start

Is it stupid?

Is it romantic?

Tate Modern
Is it commercial?

Net a Porte Heart of Style
Is it real?

Flowers in Vase foto by Nina Papaioannou Trendsurvivor
Is it meaningless ?

Post card Anti-Valentine  Humor
Is it meaningful?

japanese love drawing
Is it overrated ?

Valentine Girls red hearts and dresses
Is it inspiring?
Love Kate Moss
Is it dangerous ?
Valentine's Day Danger Drawing
Is it healthy ?
Models LBD

Would I vote one or the other? I can see the point of Anti-Valentine followers but I am a hopeless romantic… and I want to have a day dedicated to love! It is commercial, I know, but so are many more !!!

Jasmine Alexander heart
valentine-damselflies heart shape

I love to hear I love you from the person I love…I like hearts and flowers … I love presents and cards … I love falling in love… even if, sometimes, it was for the wrong guy … Shit happens!!! I do believe true love lasts forever… even though relationships don’t. Hopefully, this time… everything will last forever!

iridescent-heart Valentines Nature

Enjoy your day … whatever you do!!!



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