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Valentine’s Day - Love it ? Hate it ? Analyzed that! VOTE - TrendSurvivor

Valentine’s Day – Love it ? Hate it ? Analyzed that! VOTE

Baby love hate

Is it stupid?  Is it romantic?   Is it commercial? Is it real?  Is it meaningless ?  Is it meaningful ?   Is it inspiring?  Are you Anti-Valentine or Valentine?  Express your thoughts and vote in my poll.  Let’s start!

cut paste mixed media art race start

Is it stupid?


Is it romantic?

classical sculpture kissing

Is it commercial?

heart made by red accessories

Is it real?

White tulips silver vase

Is it meaningless ?

Post card Anti-Valentine  Humor

Is it meaningful?


Is it overrated ?


Is it inspiring?

Is it dangerous ?

Valentine's Day Danger Drawing

Is it healthy ?

polish super models  black and white picture

Would I vote one or the other? I can see the point of Anti-Valentine followers but I am a hopeless romantic… and I want to have a day dedicated to love! It is commercial, I know, but so are many more !!!

valentine-damselflies I love to hear I love you from the person I love…I like hearts and flowers … I love presents and cards … I love falling in love… even if, sometimes, it was for the wrong guy … Shit happens!!! I do believe true love lasts forever… even though relationships don’t. Hopefully, this time… everything will last forever!

Gina satin red pink stiletto shoes

I plan to go out for drinks! I almost never drink alcohol but I will today, on Valentine’s Day, Ursus on ice! I will wear my sky-high new ruby red satin Gina stilettos, I got on sale from Harrods! By the way, the salesman complimented me on my choice because they are exactly the same as the ones in the new collection ( as if I didn’t see that ) and he told me, nobody will know I got them for 139 pounds!
Enjoy your day … whatever you do!!!

iridescent-heart clouds

 Have a lovely Valentine’s Day!!!



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  1. Nina, stay in love, it’s sooooooo YOU!
    I just loved this post.
    Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyday!!

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