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What is a Valentine’s Day Hairstyle? Are you wondering if there is such a coiffure for grown ups? Well, there is way of arranging your hair to make it perfect for Valentine’s date.  Namely, heart braids and hairstyles.

I found four Valentine’s Day hair ideas styles I liked.  Even though heart braids are considered a little girl’s hairstyle on Valentine’s day they are perfect… if you feel like it.

I am thinking of trying the last one…

Cute Valentine’s Hairstyles for Girls of all Ages

The Stylish Heart Bun

heart bun hairstyle tutorial

The heart bun is wearable by everyone. You can read the full instructions here


The heart braid

heart braid Valentine's hairstyle

heart braid tutorial

The easy heart braid tutorial was created by @braidsnfashion.


The Side Heart Braid Tutorial

hair braid tutorial Valentine day for grown ups

A super easy heart hair braid  that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. For the step by step tutorial check here

The 3 min Ponytail heart hairstyle

ponytail heart easy

1. Pull your hair into a high ponytail

2. Take a thin section of hair from the underside of the ponytail, and wrap it around the elastics.

3. See the video hairstyle tutorial below… much easier.


Would you go for it? Which one is your favorite?

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Have a lovely Day!!!

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