The Ugly Shoes and how to style them

Trendsurvivor- white birkenstock arizona ugly shoes01

I know, I claim to be a TrendSurvivor and not a Fashion victim but I confess I got the ugly shoes in white. Let me say that I didn’t get the furry Celine version and I resisted the floral Givenchy, I bought the original German white the two-strap sandals, the Arizona, Birkenstock.

The Birkenstock brand traces its roots to the German Johann Adam Birkenstock, registered in 1774 and after the 1980s, Birkenstock footwear has become popular among medical professionals who work on their feet.

Now, thanks to Celine and other top shoe designers, what in Germany people most often use as house slippers become a fashion statement, usually referred to as the ugly shoes.

Bloggers have incorporated them in their outfit posts and I think they look super cool.

By the way, AF hated them and refuses to photograph my outfit …

white birkenstocks

Trendsurvivor- white birkenstock arizona ugly shoes

Garance Dore Birkenstock

Kate Moss Birkenstocks

Black Birkenstock

the ugly shoes


The Man repeller

The Man Repeller on Birkenstocks

Arty filles blogger birkenstocks

via Arty filles

Birkenstocks white

birkenstock white sandals Arizona

via Lella Victoria via A portable package

Daniella Birkenstock shoes

Will you wear them? I know my blogger friend Daniella (LellaVictoria ) wears them but this girl can pull of anything….

Get Ugly Shoes

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Aw Nina you’re so sweet! So flattered you included me in your Birkenstock post. I still love my Birks and I love the white version, I definitely want to buy another pair, maybe the suede style and in a cream or a white like yours 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. I love love your style!!!!! I saw silver and gold ones and thought that would look cool too….

  2. I’m afraid, they will always look revolting to me no matter how beautiful, charming or interesting looking the wearer might be. xx

    1. wow Yanna I thought because you wear all those crazy shoes you might love them…

    1. Hahahaha I think at the end you will love them… you just don’t know it yet my dear AF!!!

    1. Hi Chadley 🙂 I can imagine I was not a big fan either but they grow on you. The bag is Yves Saint Laurent Muse in red and black leather with gold hardware. You can check for pre-loved…

  3. I love the title of this post! I have been seeing this shoe everywhere and I have to admit, I am intrigued…they look so comfortable. I broke my foot last summer so I was only allowed to wear sneakers…this seems like a nice alternative and make my ortho doctor happy 🙂 I like the stylings where the shoe matches the pants, making it very monochromatic.

    1. I tried the Givenchy ones at Nordstrom’s and thought they were really cool… so I knew I was ready for Birkenstock… They are a doctor’s favorite hahaha… I agree with the monochromatic concept.

  4. Funny thing is, these type of shoes are so common in India. We have our domestic helps wearing rubber versions of these. I’m not sure if the elite Indian population is ready to adopt this trend! Haha
    Great post though. I would love to try them out, but then again, it might just not work.

    1. I know they feel extreme to me too but then again if I am going to wear the Isabel Marant Birkenstock inspired Sandals I should wear the original ones too…

  5. very interesting ! they’re not really my style so I think I can’t pull them off, but when those in your post and other bloggers, where them they definitely look comfy and nice !

    Rei –

    1. Let’s see if I will wear… one step was getting them second wearing them… haha

  6. I absolutely love them. They look so subversive and so minimalist. There is such beauty in truly functional, effective clothing.

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