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Trendy Updo hairstyles Wet look

From the classic chic bun to the runway wet-look trendy updo hairstyles check out the best alternatives to the ponytail!

I gathered the hottest hair trends to inspire you for an easy DIY new look.

Even though celebrities love to have updo hair styles for formal occasions, like weddings and award ceremonies the main Fall Winter 2014-15 updo hairstyle trends are for everyday.

Note: The image above is from New York SS 2015 fashion show but I  love it for winter too.

Ballerina Bun Reinvented

Zareena spring-summer 2015  Dubai

Zareena spring-summer 2015 hairstyle from a Fashion Show in  Dubai ( Works as Halloween and Carnival top bun hairstyle idea)

Hairstyle ideas Fall Winter 2014-15

Ballerina bun reinvented

Braided Updo

Use a velvet ribbon …looks so chic!

hair updo

Chic braided updo

Trendy updo hairstyles

Accessorized UpDos

Charlize Theron  accessorized Updo

Charlize Theron  accessorized Updo


Loving the messy braided updo !!!!

updo with accessories
Very Expensive Designer Hair Accessories

Undone Updos

Michael Kors Undone updos

Michael Kors Undone updos

Stella McCartney Messy updo

Stella McCartney Messy updo

Dolce & Gabbana Undone updos

Dolce & Gabbana Undone updos

Michael Kors Updo hairstyle

Michael Kors Updo hairstyle

For a bonhemian finish, loosely tong hair before creating your updo, then tease a few wispy strands loose. The more tousled and fly-away it looks, the better.

TIP: Use dry shampoo to add volume around the roots, and fluff out hair to create  the beach look.

TIP:  Use a gloss to restore shine if this what you like but remember matte effect hair is trendy!

Cool variations of the messy bun.

A messy looped ponytail is the oldest trick in the lazy hair handbook. Most of us are guilty of it at one point or another, whether want to get your hair off your neck and out of your face, or you just want to mask a bad hair day!

Chic Updos

Charlize Theron  accessorized Updo Dolce and Gabbana

classic updo

Your stylish alternative to trendy updo hairstyles are Centre-Parted Waves.


Have a lovely Day!!!


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