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Trendy Classic Handbags Of All Time... be fashion forward by going fashion backwards - TrendSurvivor

Trendy Classic Handbags Of All Time… be fashion forward by going fashion backwards

Chanel White trendy classic handbags of all time

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Structured, ladylike trendy classic handbags of all time are every cool girl’s new season favorite. They are this fall’s absolute must-have! Wear them with black or grey skinny jeans and a blazer for an instant preppy cool.

Wear them with a feminine, stretch, cocktail dress for an elegant trendy look. How will you find your dream handbag? Go on reading this article. Then either head to the shops with a lot of cash in your pocket or pay a visit to your mother! Because, you might  realize, as I did,  that these stylish handbags could be hidden in her closet. To get an idea of what is trendy now, I will present to you my new seasons favorites, as well as, what I found my mother had for me in her collection.


Proenza Schouler Yellow trendy classic handbags of all time

Top on my list, is the new, Proenza Schouler PS11 handbag, elegant, classic and cool, the designers Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCoullough, did it again. Last year, they launched their first handbag line, PS1, inspired by a classic satchel, which had been modernized into a timeless version and it was an instant hit.

This season, the PS11, especially, in black is selling out fast in stores all over the world. Their bags will transient into seasons because they are low key, under the radar, something like a secret language among women who know what is stylish.


Gucci 2012

 Next in my list, Gucci, one of the world’s most iconic fashion houses with a long history of ultra glamorous aesthetic. In the past, stylish women, like Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy were often captured by photographers wearing them.

According to Business Week magazine, Gucci, has generated revenue over $ 2.5 billion and has climbed to 41st position in the magazine’s annual 2009 “Top Global 100 Brands” chart. Also, it is the biggest-selling Italian brand in the world. Creative director, designer Frida Giannini has managed to maintain and evolve the brand’s signature glossy sophistication. And I have to say, I found, more than one structured handbag, I really liked.


My next choice, is handbag by Yves Saint Laurent. The brand, that is known for its refined, modern elegance, as well as, for glamorizing women with items taken from the male wardrobe. The popular European jet-set choice, loved by French actress, Catherine Deneuve and London socialite millionairess Dianne Boulting-Casserley Vandelli.

Dynamic and elegant, this leather shoulder handbag with adjustable shoulder strap, comes in many stylish versions, guaranteed to charm and disarm. Carry this logo adorned style for a classic finish to polished style that can be worn day and night.  After Tom Ford left in 2004, Stefano Pilati, was appointed artistic director giving depth, feeling and richness. Although, I have to say I liked the sexy image, Tom Ford brought to the brand and my daughter, still enjoys wearing the iconic handbag with the horn handle.


Chloe is the ultimate go-to label for uptown girls. The French label was founded in 1952, by Gaby Aghion, who spotted a void in the market and the notion of Prêt-à-Porter was born. Chloe’s, current creative director is British designer, Hannah MacGibbon. She launched her first collection in 2009.

Her designs are refined with easy going glamour that captures the style of our time. The new  must-have, the super lux ladylike leather Darla tote, is a wonderful choice that can lend your look a timelessly sophisticated edge. This elegant style is the perfect complement to fall’s trends and will give every look a luxurious lift. Although, it’s timelessly chic and luxurious in all colors, my favorite is the terracotta red which works well with the understated color palette of this season’s outfits.


Hermes Red handbag red outfit

Hermès is synonymous to high quality, classic, expensive luxury. Both the Birkin and the Kelly handbags are elegant, chic and much older than you think. In 1935, a leather bag named , Sac à dépêches, was introduced.

This is the handbag, that in 1956 was renamed to Kelly Bag, after a photo of Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, appeared in Life magazine, carrying it. Over the years it became a hugely popular status symbol worn by high profile people. However, it had to be, in my list of “only the best” structured bags, for one more reason: in a period of economic world crisis, Hermès sales have increased the first half of 2010 by 23% and revenue by 55%.


Hermès bags can have up to a six year waiting list depending on the type of leather used and for each bag it takes about 18-24 hours to make. Hermès bags are very expensive, starting at US $6,000 and reaching up to $120,000 for the Crocodile Birkin handbag which has solid gold closures encrusted with diamonds. 

Mini Birkin hermes

 In the spring-summer 2011 collection, which is, after seven years of collaboration, the last one created by Jean-Paul Gaultier for Hermès, I fell in love… with the mini Birkin wrist bag. I don’t mind, I could wait 6 years to get it, I know this love could last forever but the price tag is a drawback 🙁 


Τσάντες από την μαγική ντουλάπα στην αποθήκη της μητέρας μου

 Niki Papaioannou

When, I told my mother, I wanted to write an article about structured classic style bags, popular ages ago and super hot this season, I  was impressed by her answer. Not only, she already knew that, but also, she had a vintage brown Gucci, ready for me. She told me, she saw the new Gucci collection but her handbag, was far more, classier. She always had an elegant style, very good taste and an interest in fashion.

My parents, were flying to Germany that day but my father found the time, to pass by my house, with a big bag that had much more, than I expected. It had many fabulous bags, I could choose from. I like them all I told my mother on the phone. I could imagine, each one of them, lending my look a timelessly sophisticated edge. Classic and elegant, timelessly chic the green crocodile leather bag was something I always wanted, but she still wears that. So, for my new sophisticated uptown look I had everything I needed! Thanks again mom…

I am so happy…no purchase necessary this time…

Niki Papaioannou Vintage structured handbags


    • Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCoullough’s graduated Parsons School of Design and by the time they rolled out their first Proenza Shouler collection, it was snatched up by Barneys New York.
    • Gucci has 278 directly operated stores, worldwide.
    • Gucci targeted the Far East for further expansion in the late 1960s, opening stores in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
    • Yves Saint Laurent was the first designer to use black models in his catwalk shows.
    • YSL’s  famous classic tuxedo suit, for women, named Le Smoking, was introduced in 1966.
    • Chloe’s list of past designers reads like a who’s who of fashion’s greatest, including Karl Lagerfeld (who took it to iconic status in the 1970s), Stella McCartney and Phoebe Philo.
    • Hermès revenue last year, was $1.914 billion. Hermes family owns 71% of the company.
    • Patrick Thomas, who joined the company in 1989, became the first non-Hermès to helm the company.

 Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. Νίνα, είσαι καταπληκτική! Κι αυτό το άρθρο αλλά και το προηγούμενο, ήρθαν και μου θύμισαν ότι δεν είναι η ζωή μου μόνο Κορίνα (η κόρη μου), Δημήτρης (ο σύζυγός μου) και σωστό νοικοκυριό… Εχθές, κατά σύμπτωση, βρήκα τις καλοκαιρινές μου τσάντες μέσα σε μια κούτα με πράγματα που έχουν έρθει από την ελλάδα… Δεν διαθέτω Gucci ή Hermes, κάτι που πολύ θα ήθελα – ειδικά τις Hermes, τις περισσότερες τις λατρεύω αλλά και η μικρή Gucci με το μονόγραμμα που κλείνει με μια γλώσσα που “πέφτει” από τη μια πλευρά στην άλλη… αχ! τι σκέφτομαι τώρα… Η μόνη που διαθέτω είναι μια LV που μοιάζει με τσάντα ταχυδρόμου ή κάουμπόυ, που είναι structured και δεν έχω δει να την κρατά καμία (είναι κι ένα θέμα αυτό με τις τσάντες, δε μου αρέσει καθόλου, ένα τόσο προσωπικό αξεσουάρ, να το βλέπω παντού, μονο και μόνο επειδή “είναι μόδα”)… Όσο για τη μαμά σου, ειλικρινά, πιστεύω ότι είναι ό,τι πιο κοντινό έχω γνωρίσει στην Grace Kelly που πιστεύω ότι είναι η επιτομη του στυλ και της φινέτσας! Μια πανέμορφη κυρία, με άψογο στυλ, καταπληκτική αίσθηση της ομορφιάς και της τέχνης… έ, δεν είναι τυχαίο ότι έχει τρεις κόρες εξίσου όμορφες και ξεχωριστές!
    Συνέχισε το έργο σου, περιμένω πως και πως να δω τι νέο μας φτιάχνεις κάθε μέρα!!!

    1. Σε ευχαριστώ για πολύ, για το γλυκό σου σχόλιο, τοσο για το άρθρο, οσο και για την μαμά μου. Σε θαυμάζω που μπορείς και αφωσιώνεσαι στην οικογένεια σου και την κόρη σου γιατι προτού να το καταλαβεις, η Κορίνα θα μεγαλώσει και θα διαβαζει κι αυτή για τσάντες. 🙂
      Να την κρατήσεις την LV, ήρθε η ώρα της πάλι.

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