TrendSurvivor Onecklace- My New Personalized Name Jewelry

TrendSurvivor necklace.personalized

Ever since I saw Carrie Bradshaw wearing her personalized name necklace, I thought it was super cute. However, I never bought it.

When it first appeared on the TV screen I didn’t know where to find it. Then later, I didn’t want to wear what everybody was wearing and feel like a Sex and the City fashion victim.

However, now when Onecklace, the international jewelry manufacturer that deals exclusively with personalized jewelry since 2001, approached me for a collaboration, I was ready. I ordered my TrendSurvivor gold plated necklace and had butterflies in my stomach until it arrived, as if I was waiting for a new pair of designer shoes.

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TrendSurvivor necklace

Carrie name necklace - Onecklace

Remember when Carry finds her personalized name necklace which reminds her of her life in NY…

Onecklace offer exceptional quality, mine is 24k Gold Over Sterling Silver 0.925 and they have a special offer now, plus I got a special code for an extra 10% discount for all my readers!

TrendSurvivor necklace. name

I like the idea of writing something other than your name… even if it is a present for a friend. I wear my TrendSurvivor necklace a lot so stay tuned I will show it to you in an upcoming outfit post.

If you order your personalized jewelry using TrendSurvivor’s Onecklace Link you can use my promo code-GIFT for 10% discount.

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. I love personalized jewelry and your Trend Survivor necklace is gorgeous. I love that you noted that it was 24K gold plated. Quality is important and your jewelry should resemble that. Great collaboration! xo

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