Trend Survivor got 5,313 Likes on Brian Atwood’s Instagram

Trend Survivor was featured on Brian Atwoods Instagram

I was over the moon- I still am actually- when I saw a TrendSurvivor@Instagram photo featured on Brian Atwood’s  Instagram account. Can you believe my photo got 2,700 likes in less than an hour? 2 hours later it has 3,634 and then 5,313!!! This is my epic Instagram moment !!! The picture is from the personal style post

PS- Show Stoping Cobalt Blue Lace Midi Party dress

Trend Survivor was featured on Brian Atwood's Instagram

Brian Atwood is a famous shoe designer and “lover of all things sexy”. In 1996, Atwood became the first American to be hired by Gianni Versace in Milan.

In 2003, the designers talent was recognized by the CFDA, who awarded him the Swarovski’s Perry Ellis Award for Accessory Design. He was a male model who became the creative director of the go-to label for colorful, feminine, statement heels.

He told I think I always knew I would be a designer, says Atwood, who grew up in Chicago, in a houseful of women, with his single mother and three sisters. My mother was always dressing and into fashion, he recalls. I loved the element of what it did to a woman, how it changed what she felt like and the perspective people had of her.

The cobalt blue suede sandals featured on Brian Atwood’s Instagram are from the B Brian Atwood collection and I got them in Fashion Valley at Neiman Marcus. I first showed you here.


B Brian Atwood cobalt blue

B Brian Atwood Correns Suede Ankle-Band Sandal


PS. In case you are wondering… fits like a glove and is true to size!\r\n

B Brian Atwood Fall 2014-15 and some amazing items on sale!

Have a lovely Day!!!




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