Trend Posting- More than a POP of WHITE

black and white booties

Are you ready for more than a pop of white? You must have noticed there is something going on with this color, lately. Fashion editorials, passionate fashionistas and celebrities are focusing on white accessories and more. I am a big fan of white color. I love total white looks as much as I love blanc color based interior decoration. In our living room we have a huge contemporary design white B&B Italia couch and I don’t mind we have to wash it all the time because of Oliver (our dog) and Ninja (our cat).

I admit I have the same approach to interior decoration as to fashion. First comes style and then comfort but don’t tell anyone. Consequently, when I am shopping for a light colored coat or a pants I will never consider it will get dirty easily. So what, I will wash it more often. Did you know one of the hottest trends and the absolute fashion statement for this summer are white stiletto pumps? Can you believe the biggest no no of all times in a huge YES! I remember, 2 years ago, when I posted Sarah Jessica Parker’s fashion night outfit, she was wearing an amazing black leather dress with white shoes. I actually liked it and I was impressed. She was breaking some rules…Now, I want a pair white Manolo Blahnik BB, too. It seems to me they will refresh all my dresses. But most people are dead against white pumps of any kind and for any occasion. What about you? Will you wear them?

olivia-palermo-white jacketjpg

White suit

white t-shirt

Some things always look better in white… like t-shirts, napkins and tulips.

napkin white phone off

Alexander wang and Diesel 2013 fall

Alexander Wang and Diesel Fall/Winter 2013

Derek Lam 2013

 Derek Lam F/W 2013

white pants Lovely pepa Fashion and Style blogger Alexandra (Lovely Pepa) is rocking a pair of white pants in winter

white skirt


street style white coat

Amazing white coats

white coat silver bag

white fur

white valentino bag

white pumps


Shop White

Shop Pointy White Stiletto Shoes

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. If you follow my blog you would have noticed that I have been obsessd with my white heels..I also recently posted an all-white look (too bad you didn’t use it as inspiration here ;)) I love all white interiors too. My house is all white with just pops of color on the wall in the form of artwork. That second pic is A.MAZING!!!.that belt..I need!
    Sheree xxx

    1. Sheree thank you for your comment. I just saw your white pumps… I need! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean,Nico. This happens to me too with some bright colors like orange and green.

    1. I love to wear white in winter. I am thinking of styling a white pair of pants today with leopard shoes…Thank you for following. I am following you too.

    1. Hi Amy,
      they are from this year’s New York Fashion Week street style photos. They might be Balenciaga but I am mot sure!

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