Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls… All Over


Dungarees are back…buggy, unflattering and soon to become the biggest Spring trend. Denim and leather overalls are starting to show up in shops, in celebrity street style photos and personal style blog posts. I knew it! Ever since I saw that Philip Lim black leather overall I was sure this would be a hot trend for spring. And guess what, you can wear them with high heels too! Are you planning to follow this trend? Do you need tips on how to wear dungarees? Just in case your answer is yes, you will find here my favorite celebrity street style and designer runway pictures to inspire you on how to style them for 2013. Another 80’s no no is here and like the white stilettos I love, hate, want them. I am wearing one in my next outfit post. Stay tuned…


Talita Silverberg / Style Tao

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over collage

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over MargaretHowell-031

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over skinny

Dungarees man repeller


Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over gold

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over Wendy

Wendy from blog thankfifi

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over Alexa Chung

Style Icon Alexa Chung


Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over 2

Blog– sietske

Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over we wore what by Danielle

Dungarees gianluca Senese new york fashion week street style model off duty


Trend Posting- Dungarees, Overalls... All Over leather

Phillip Lim cool new takes on the classic utilitarian style like this one ( $1,400 leather overall) is sold out.

More Dungarees Yesterday and Today-

I am following the oversized dungaree trend…U?

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. wow…really never thought that would come back…. high fashion & comfort usually do not mix. I like the first photo with the red coat over it the best. I see the convenience of the look with the top of the overall down, but personally would not go that route. I am going to have to think about this one…but thank you ever so much Nina for keeping me/us on the cutting edge! Will the “carpenter pant’ ,a close relation, to the overall be back too? That I would do for sure…LMK

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment… I had to check online what a carpenter pants are…but I see that coming next 🙂

  2. Hi Nina! When I was younger I used to wear it often!:) And now I’m thinking to be back at it as well! So cool images you shared, looking forward to see yours:) Kisses! xo

    1. Exactly how I felt and I remember when Kirna Zabete on her facebook page wondered who on earth would wear a Pjllip Lim leather dungaree… I wrote ME!

  3. Not sure I can pull off the denim dungarees haha.. But I think I could wear the black ones. I’m always afraid they might make me look short…
    ps: we’re following you on bloglovin now 🙂 would love if you could follow back!

    1. I know what you mean. They are not flattering but seeing all these street style stars wearing them make you feel cool. Thank you for following, I am following you too 🙂

  4. Dungarees are always in my spring closet. They are strong, durable, washable, comfortable and flexible to wear.


    1. Thank you sweetie. I started by dressing my dungaree up… I will try the opposite too.

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