Travel Santo Domingo- Day 1… Sun, Pool, Lunch, Mall…. and a Stylish Dinner Party

Holiday Inn, Santo Domingo

I’m just taking another break from designing a new site, that will combine my two blogs Trendsurvivor and Trendsurvivor How To into one, to show you even more pictures of Santo Domingo…I warned you there were a lot!  This is from our first day… after spending the morning relaxing and sunbathing in the pool we had lunch at traditional Dominican fish restaurant called Vezuvio, by the sea!!  In the afternoon we went for quick shopping trip to the mall to get our hair done.. That was a funny experience!!!… trying to explain in sign language what we wanted. In the evening we went to an amazing dinner party at Alina and Christian Farach’s super stylish home. A full Day.. Huh?? Enjoy the view… I am so happy Summer is on it’s way!!!


Pool at Holiday Inn, Santo Domingo
Holiday Inn, Santo Domingo


Santo Domingo Sea view

Malecon, Santo Domingo
grilled octopus
fish carpaccio with kapari
Fish with tomato sauce and coconut milk… delicious
Karla’s striped shirt, animal print belt and Louboutin bag…so chic!!
Eleni’s, stylish bracelet, Floral dress, tangerine bag
Me, my mauve nails and the Preonza Schouler mini PS1


Santo Domingo buildings


Santo Domingo
Colombian designer swimwear store
L Occitane
Maria at Louis Vuitton window display, Santo Domingo

Dinner Party 

Alina Alvarez Farach
Interior Decor
home decor
living room
Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
Oh so chic… Matilde Farach
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
Roula Linatsa
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
Roula and me
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
more shoes…
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
Me in a Mary Katrantzou dress
Santo Domingo, stylish interior decor
Dancing with the stars

And thanks to Matilde and her strong personality we had professional dancers teaching us Merengue!!!

Stay tuned for more installment of my Dominican Republic trip … Yup!!!! There is more!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!


  1. Ah Nina mou teleia! Ti kala pou perasame! As kanoume ena reunion stin Athina tis pareas tou D.R.!

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