Travel Santo Domingo- A Traditional Orthodox Baptism and an Elegant Christening Party

Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos and her son Alexander

More than one hundred of Farach and Athanasopoulos closest friends and family members gathered at a Catholic Church in Santo Domingo on Saturday March 24 to witness Alexander Athanasopoulos being baptised. The traditional Orthodox Baptism ceremony was held in Spanish by a coptic priest. It was a beautiful, traditional family ceremony we all enjoyed!!

Catholic Church in Santo Domingo
Santo Domingo
As it is typical also in Greece, a christening party followed the baptism which gave as a chance to chat, socialize, enjoy lovely food and dance merengue! I was really impressed with the attention to detail and tried to capture the inspiring decoration. Dominican Republic women are very pretty, elegant… and thin!
Check out all the amazing details from elegant party decor… to chic food presentation… to high heels and jewelry! As you will see everything was perfect down to the last detail !!! Congratulations Matilde for a lovely party and thank you again!!!

The entrance of the Allessandro and Matilde Farach house
Welcoming guests with… a glass of cool Champagne!
Living room
Living room
Karla and Dimitri Athanasopoulos with their parents
Graciela Caro Dauhajre wearing an amazing orange dress
Anna Achileoudi
The flower ring is so elegant!
Alina de Farach wearing an amazing orange dress and even more amazing Louboutins
Loved this stylish bright pink colored Pucci blouse
Karla’s and Alina’s exotic leather shoes!!!!!!
buffet decor
Love the gigantic glasses
ham decorated
amazing vases and casual chic flower decor
Turquoise Angel cake
The Cake for the christening party
garden view
Buffet decor
Aquarium in the garden
embroidered towel
buffet decoration
Lovely decoration for a boy christening party
Matilde always in motion

Oh so stylish in white

Lovely jewelry

Roula Linatsa in an amazing Pucci dress
Love Roula’s earrings and the details on her dress!
Can’t remember how many koufeta I ate… so tasty!!!
Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos and her friends

Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos looked amazing in a white dress and bright green lizard high heels.

Dimitris Athanasopoulos with family and friends ( Andonis Achileoudis,  Christian Farach, Alejandro Farach, Giorgos Linatsas and Dimitris Athanasopoulos
Maria Xanthoakos, Nina Papaioannou and Alejandro Farach
Gorgeous nude shoes!!
Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer’s amazing handmade bag
guest bathroom sink
Matilde de Farach painting
Eleni Papadimitriou wearing elegant Jewelry

The martirika, or witness pins where a beautiful white leather bracelet with a cross and a mati (evil eye) and where handed out at the end of the ceremony and worn by guests as proof of witnessing the baptism.

boubounier 3 angels silver Icon

Boubounieres or candy favors – are almond candy favors given to each guest after the baptism. Ours where not the traditional simple white, pink or blue puffs favors of tulle tied with a ribbon and filled with white Jordan almonds. Instead each of us received an adorable matte and shiny silver combination Icon featuring 3 angels! Just so you know Bombonieres are always filled with an odd number of almonds…

Alexander Athanasopoulos wearing amazing christening wear… loving the nude shoes!

After the baptism, the baptismal clothes contain Holy Oil on the garment.  As such, the Holy Oil can not be disposed of through a washing in a washing machine.  The best way to wash the garment post Sacrament is to do a wash by hand in a bucket.  You can wash the clothing with regular detergent in a bucket and poor the washed water outside onto the ground.

Paula Lama and Nina Papaioannou

I was so happy to see Paula, again!!! She is looking as gorgeous as ever and now she has a beautiful daughter too!!!

tropical sunset
Paula Lama with Jake Kheel

Eleni Papadimitriou and Maria Xanthakos

Thanks to Maria Xanthakos a soon to be member of the family and Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos, of course, Eleni Papadimitriou and me got the chance to attend this lovely event, visit a wonderful country and meet warm, amazing people!!! It is an unforgettable experience and yes, we attended more parties and swam in breathtaking exotic beaches. Stay tuned …. more photos coming soon.. 🙂


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