Travel Melbourne- Day 3- About Australian Art


Day 3 in Melbourne was basically about Australian Art. I was impressed by the The Ian Potter Centre. It is the world’s first major gallery dedicated exclusively to Australian art. It is a spectacular showcase comprising over 20 galleries housed within a landmark architectural complex. I became obsessed with Aboriginal art in the first floor of the Museum as some of you might have noticed from my Instagram pictures.

Ian Potter centre

Travel Australia- Melbourne Day 3- About ART

David Rosetzky, Australia 2005
David Rosetzky, Australia 2005
Travel Australia- Melbourne Day 3- About ART
Janet Laurence-botanical residues
Jon Cattapan 2005
Jon Cattapan 2005
Travel Australia- Melbourne Day 3- About ART
Sally Smart-The exquisite pirate
Paddy Bedford Cockatoo-jawoorraban 2004
Paddy Bedford Cockatoo-jawoorraban 2004

Aboriginal Australian Art at The Ian Potter Centre

Aboriginal Art

Aboriginal art

Aboriginal art- Ian potter

I read that “to understand Aboriginal art in the 20th and 21st century, we need to consider some history of our people. Australian Aboriginals have inhabited Australia since the dawn of recorded history and are considered to have the oldest continuing culture on earth.” (find more here) I also enjoyed the photography exhibition of Jeff Wall. I loved the large scale photographs back lit by light boxes.

Jeff Wall
Jeff Wall Photography

ACCA-  Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

We also visited the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Besides the exhibition Desire Lines I was impressed by the very unique architecture of Wood Marsh

ACCA- Melboune


Dan Shipsides: Via Ferrata (ACCA) installation time lapse ACCA 2012

Stay tuned for the day 4 outfit post and amazing graffiti art.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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