Travel Dominican Republic- La Romana… Tropical Weather and Exotic Beach

La Romana, Casa del Campo beach

After spending an amazing but freezing month in London with my sister and surviving 🙂 one of the coldest winters in Greece, I arrived  at this perfect tropical beach in the Dominican Republic. It is the beach club in Casa del Campo resort, in La Romana. I have to run again because everybody is waiting for me … so I will just upload some pictures!

Tropical beach
Tropical Beach, Casa del Campo
The beach Club
The beach Club
Exotic Plants
The beach Club, plants
The beach Club
Tropical beach

Casa del Campo resort has the most amazing houses you can imagine! Yes, I have more pictures!!! To give you an idea the prices of the houses rise up to 20,000,000 $ each!!!! Being a guest of the Farach family is definitely an unforgettable experience!!!

Have a nice day !!!


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