Travel Dominican Republic- CATALINA … An Exotic Caribbean Beach with Mint Color Water!!!

White Sand and Mint Color Water, Catalina

Every time I look at the pictures of my trip to the Dominican Republic last week, my heart skips a beat and I realize there is so much I haven’t posted yet!!! But for a warm sunny Spring morning, our day trip to Catalina will make you dream! The amazing beach is in a tiny private Island that belongs to Casa de Campo, which is located close to the city of La Romana in the south east of Dominican Republic, on the Caribbean Sea!! I think you will see why, it took my breath away!!  It is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in the Caribbean Sea! We went there by boat … we enjoyed the water and laid in the sun for couple of hours before we started having rose wine, home made sandwiches and those delicious fattening pastelitos … Oh !! plus Maria, Aggeliki and me  got some lovely primitive style paintings at the only beach store!!!  :))

leaving La Marina …

A Bertam Sport Fishersman boat took us to this amazing beach with white sand and mint colored water!!! Enjoy the view…

Catalina beach
Under a tree…
Coconut tree
Karla Farach de Athanasopoulos
Alina Achilleoudis, Catalina
Giorgos Athanasopoulos
Catalina gift shop…
Exotic Beach Art Store
Caribbean artist
exotic view
Nina Papaioannou
primitive painting, Catalina
Primitive style paintings from Catalina

These are the painting I got but in a smaller size …. for 20 $ each. Everything was relatively expensive in this part of the world, expect these amazing paintings!!!

our rose wine bottle
Graciela Caro Dauhajre stylish towel
Catalina, Caribbean
Mint Color Sea in Catalina Private Island near La Romana in the Dominican Republic

I leave you with this picture and I wish it will haunt your dreams like mine…

Have a Lovely Easter!!



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