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Ayada Maldives

I know Christmas is approaching faster than I anticipated but I am dreaming of amazing warm vacation destinations. Oh! let me relax, wear my imaginary swimming suit and enjoy my dream…. The luxurious Ayada Maldives located 30 km north of the equator, in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll, is exactly what I want. Access by boat to reach the 112 villas and suites. A contemporary design each with a private infinity pool. Is that romantic and luxurious or what??

Ayada Maldives is a brand new awe-inspiring destination comprising an opulent 112 villa resort located on the 150,000 square meter paradise island of Maguhdhuvaa in the stunning Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll.

From the moment you arrive on the resort’s delicate, powder white sands you will be immersed in a fantasy of luxury, quality and style unique only to Ayada Maldives. Delight in the impeccable service and superb amenities of the seven indulgent restaurants, bars and cafes offering world-class cuisine to tantalise taste buds, the extensive 3,500 square meter AySpa Spa & Health Club by ESPA will take you to a blissful level of relaxation. Ayada further includes a kids’ club, scuba diving centre and an array of water sports.

The island in maldives

The island is located on a stunning reef in the southern rim of Huvadhu atoll proper and it is an N-S elongated reef lodged between Gazeera Reef and Boduhuttaa Reef. The Island is about 650 meters in length and 225 meters in width which adds up to an area of 150,000 square meter. It is 432 km from Male’ International Airport from where it takes approximately 45 minutes to the Kaadedhdhoo Regional Airport in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll by Local Airlines after which a 46 km distance remains to the resort by speed boat. The island occupies the central region of the reef, has a shallow sandy lagoon all around it and has long stretches of white sandy beaches which are perfect for the ideal tropical holiday destination. Additionally, the southern tail of the reef has an intricate system of bottom shapes and reticulation that makes it ideal for diving. The good location of the reef is further ideal for serious surfers. 

Ayada hotel (6)

Ayada hotel (2)

Ayada Maldives is a resort with natural beauty at its heart where you can truly discover the exceptional.  From unique experiences of snorkeling and diving in one of the most unspoiled locations in the world to simply relaxing and relishing the views of the azure Indian Ocean from your private pool and terrace.

Ayada hotel (1)

Be prepared to forget all your cares and pamper yourself with all that Ayada Maldives has to offer, since Ayada Maldives is here to turn your vacation into an unforgettable experience by attending to your personal wishes and needs. Indulge on a journey that will show you a truly inspiring world that you will not so easily forget.

Ayada Maldives is being developed by Aydeniz Group, which was recognised by the World Travel Awards as Europe’s Leading Tourism Development Company and Asia’s Leading Inward Tourism Development Company.

Ayada hotel (8)

Just in case you are wondering…The Maldives has tropical climate which is regulated by the monsoons. Two seasons dominate the climate of the Maldives; the southwest monsoon brings rain and lasts from May to November, the northeast monsoon is the driest period from December to April.
Exotic hotel house

What to wear?? A swimming suit and lovely sandals!!!!

Ancient Greek Sandals by Christina Martini

Yes, there is a spa.. yes I am sure it is as amazing as it looks!!! Have a lovely daydreaming week!!!

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 Have a lovely Day!!!




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