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PS- Trans-Seasonal Isabel Marant Silk Print Mini Dress - TrendSurvivor

PS- Trans-Seasonal Isabel Marant Silk Print Mini Dress

Spetses-Island-Street-style-Nina Papaioannouj


Happy September and enjoy Labor Day!

My boho chic strapless silk print mini trans- seasonal Isabel Marant dress made the cut for a weekend cruise in the Aegean sea.

Now that I think of it, I always take it with me when I travel, even during winter. It highlights my femininity, has an interesting print and flirty frills. I can wear it for daytime or evening depending on the accessories. Plus, it takes literally no space in my suitcase!

I love trans-seasonal clothes that you can wear with sandals and sunglasses or boots and a chunky jumper.

You can see it dressed up with high heel booties and a muted pink (Fall 2014 pantone color mauve mist) Equipment silk shirt on top in a previous post.

My silk print mini dress was perfect for dinner at the port of Spetses Island. I wore it with the black “Edris” flat Isabel Marant sandals to create a summer effortless chic casual look.

After dinner, we went for late night drinks at the new coolest bar in Spetses called Bikini

It is my honest opinion… 🙂 even though AF’s son is involved! They have all done an amazing job!

If you are Greek you probably already know it!

Also, you might have seen a gigantic delicious Mojito I had that night, if you follow me on Instagram@TrendSurvivor .


Proenza Schouler backpack

Dior sunglasses

Isabel Marant sandals toe rings

Silk print Trans-seasonal Isabel Marant dress

Spetses-Island-Street-style-Nina Papaioannou

Strapless silk print dress Isabel Marant | Edris Isabel Marant sandals (probably sold out) here | statement Dior sunglasses | Proenza Schouler backpack

Photos © AF, me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Rocking this dress so hard. We are so in love and it looks perfect on you. We can imagine you wearing it a million different ways. xx

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