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Top Fashion Bloggers Santorini Travel Tips

Top Fashion Bloggers Santorini Travel Tips

You must read my fashion bloggers Santorini Travel Tips and see how these stylish girls have presented the island’s majestic beauties.

Santorini is a magical island in Greece. (You probably know this). It is one of the cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea which was devastated by a volcanic eruption in the 16th century B.C.E., forever shaping its rugged landscape and villages.

While I am in La Jolla, California, planing my trip to Canada which is super exciting, I miss summer in Greece. Top fashion bloggers have filled my Instagram feed with breathtaking  views of Santorini.

I am sharing their blog posts filled with amazing images, fashion with Santorini as a backdrop and fun travel tips!

I am thankful  they promote Greece in a very authentic genuine way.

Love them all.

Santorini Fashion Bloggers Travel Guide

Santorini travel tips

Julia Engel’s from writes about Magical Santorini . She chose to stay in Oia for the most most scenic views.

Fashion bloggers Santorini

Santorini houses

Santorini Travel Guide by has tips about restaurant too.

“There were so many good restaurants that we really loved right by the villa. We went to Terpsi en Oia a couple times and it was so tasty with an incredible view of the caldera.”

inside Santorini white house

Santorini swimsuit

Lydia from shares her four best four things to do in Santorini. and she includes Sunrise Yoga at the Therme Spa Hotel.

santorini yoga place view

Fashion bloggers Santorini

The Australian style blogger, Amanda Shadforth from is always a source of inspiration. Her pictures of Santorini are beyond amazing… See why images speak louder than words.

Fashion bloggers Santorini


Mary from Happily Grey


If you ask me, my favorite place to stay Perivolas Suites in Oia, combining breathtaking views with the luxury of absolute tranquility, beautiful architecture, warm hospitality, excellent cuisine and an inspiring land and seascape.

Have a lovely Day!!!

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