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Top 3 Moisturizing Myths that You Should Know About

Do you think that all moisturizers offer the same effects? Well, their main aim is to moisturize your skin and make it softer, shinier and fresher. However, each must find the most flattering moisturizer according to their skin type. In order to avoid wrong skincare ideas check out these top 3 moisturizing myths and stop believing them.

All Moisturizers are the Same

cream face

So, the number one myth is that all moisturizers are the same. In fact, there are many types of moisturizers not only for moisturizing but also for a number of aims. Every moisturizer is designed special for this or that particular skin type and when you pick up one you must read the instructions and ingredients to make sure it’s the right thing for you.

For instance, emollients, such as fatty acids and ceramides are meant to soften and soothe your skin. However, the easiest way to choose a moisturizer is considering the ones that suit your skin type. If you want something light then opt for lotions as creams are a little more substantial.

Moisturizers for the Whole Body

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There are not moisturizers created for the whole body. You should differentiate between different types of moisturizers to know which ones are for the face and which one can be used for the rest of your body parts. While many moisturizers can be applied on different parts of the body the skin of the face requires another option that’s lighter.

Because face is subtler and more sensitive than any other body part you’d better choose the best antioxidant moisturizer for your face and body lotions and moisturizing creams for other parts. It will wiser, more productive, effective and useful for your skin. Also avoid applying moisturizers around your eyes as there are special creams for the circles of the eyes. People with dry skin can also use special hand and foot creams instead of common body lotions. Dry skin requires much moisturizing.

Your Skin Can Get Addicted to Moisturizers

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The third myth about moisturizers is that your skin can get addicted to them. Of course, there are many skincare products that make your skin become too dependent but when it comes to moisturizers you don’t have to worry as they are lighter products and never ever damage your skin. Moreover, they keep it fresh and youthful and the only reason why your skin looks dull is that you don’t take proper care for it.

It’s not the fault of the moisturizers you use. You’d better focus on your makeup, heavy creams, foundation and tonal cream. They bring most of the harm for the skin especially when you sleep wearing them on your face. Always do your best to sleep without makeup and any other harsh chemicals applied to your face.  Those who think that using a lip balm will make their skin need more moisture, may also stop believing in such myths. Just use the right moisturizers and you will have nothing to worry about.

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