Love the smart finds that my cyber blogger “friends” made this week!!! I got the idea of making this post when Mirela wrote to me that her awesome metal heel shoes from Topshop are also comfortable! I thought these girls know what they are talking about … I must share this information with my lovely readers asap!!! So, here are the most amazing value for money items for Spring Summer 2012 worn by the trendiest girls online!!

1. Blog : My daily Style

Shoes Topshop

Mirela's My daily Style Bog Topshop shoes
Mirela's My daily Style Bog Topshop shoes

You can see Mirela’s look here

Smart Find Knot Bracelet
Knot bracelet Andy Style Scrapbook
Alimonada Knot bracelet Andy Style Scrapbook

You can see Andy’s look here 

3.  Mi armario en ruinas 

Dress Mattina Light blue 

Mi armario en ruinas blog dress Buylevard
Mi armario en ruinas blog dress Buylevard

You can see her look here

4. Blog : The Chic Sheet  

Smart Find : NW92685 by Sondra Roberts

Miranda's Forever 21 blue clutch
Miranda's The Chic Sheet blue clutch

You can find Miranda’s look here

5. Blog : Bittersweet Colors

H and M Floral Pants

Veronica's H and M pants Floral
Veronica's H and M Floral pants

You can see Veronica’s look here

Have a Lovely Day!!!




  1. This post is wonderful dear Nina and yes smart finds are perfect , specially at a great price !

    1. Thank you dear Veronica!!! Your pictures and your style are always amazing… so are your smart finds!!!

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