Time for loose Chignon du cou

Everyday is time for a loose chignon du cou, if done right. It’s incredibly chic, extremely practical and effortless.

I love them on others and have never tried it on my hair. But after watching  a handful of great tutorials with super easy to follow instructions, I think I am ready for an updo.

 The elegant and modern chignon is a perennial favourite with brides as it suits all lengths and styles of hair and there are hundreds of stylish variations.


Low bun

Chingon low bun05

Chingon low bun00

Chingon low bun03

Chingon low bun04

Chingon low bun09

Chingon low bun06

Chingon low bun07

My favorite loose chignon tutorial is by supermodel Molly Sims.

Watch the video below and learn how with a few easy steps she creates a low chignon that looks soft and romantic. Supermodels little hairstyle secrets revealed.



Loose Chignon Tips and Tricks


  1. Find your desired part that suits your face
  2. One day dirty hair helps for it to hold
  3. If your hair is clean use hairspray before you do your bun
  4. If your hair is dirty use dry shampoo instead. Batiste is my favorite and it’s the cheapest too. I suggest you choose a color that matches your hair instead of using the neutral white powder one. However, if it’s time to dye your hair it’s better to use the Bumble and Bumble dry shampoo. It works wonders with white roots.

So, are you convinced that even thought this hairstyle is associated with brides… you don’t need to walk down the aisle to wear a little loose chignon?


Loose Chignon Styling Products



Ph- Elle.fr, Style.com

Have a lovely Day!!!

  1. I absolutely love this style, it’s so pretty and feminine and chic and sophisticated and all things great!

  2. A post New Years thanks for keeping me feminine through 2015, lazy sweat pants and over wear of jeans?T

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