Time Flies- Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother's Day- Time flies

Nina Papaioannou (TRENDSURVIVOR) with my daughter Niki Svolou

Time flies… enjoy every moment because it is precious! Happy mother’s day to all of you!!!

Happy mother's Day-3

Happy mother's Day

Happy mother's Day- Lion

Happy mother's Day 2

Niki Svolou with her mother Nina Papaioannou

Nina Papaioannou with daughter Nki Svolou

Time goes by so fast. It seems like yesterday when my kids where that young!!!!

My mother and my son are in last year’s Happy Mother’s Day Post, you can see them here

Stay tuned, Niki send me some amazing pictures from her last trip to Andros, Greece and she will share the top places to visit in the Island.

Happy Mother's Day Flower card

This card designed by justlikesushi is for my mother, my most loyal reader.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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