Three Style Savvy Ways To Tie a Skinny Scarf


Fashion advice 101, update your fall look with a new long skinny scarf. How to wear the versatile fashion accessory? Read on for trendy everyday stylish ideas.


three ways to wear a scarf

Did you embrace the skinny scarf fashion trend? It has been around since the Prada show back in Fall 2014. Street style stars like Alexa Chung have long adopted the trend.

However, I ordered two silk ones from Asos and started experimenting, after writing the article, How to wear a skinny scarf this Fall.

Shhh! I even got a polka dot from Zara. A game changer for under $20, how can I resist! It’s coming up in the next outfit post from Corfu Island.

I even, tried wearing a long skinny scarf as a belt, which was not bad at all, by the way, but the three ways I am showing you were the best for instant 1970s retro-chic.

Three Retro Ways To Wear a Skinny Scarf

1. Just do the Twist

How to wear a Skinny scarf 1

Chic way number one, just make a loop around your neck. Voila! Instant chic!

2. Wear it like a choker, works for bad hair days, too

Skinny scarf 3

Tie it around your neck with a bow in the back.

3. Wear the bow

Three ways to wear a skinny scarf 2

Pop some color and retro style to your shirt by tying your skinny scarf to a bow.

I was wearing :

Skinny silk Scarf Asos on sale now!!!

Silk blouse Zara (old) love this it’s brushed cotton.. super cute

Gucci GG belt (old) re-issue in black or red with silver buckle

If you, already, have it from the 1990s, it’s time to start wearing it again!!! Why? Because Alessandro Michele, the new creative director at Gucci in his Autumn Winter 2015 collection said so…

Flare jeans Mango Outlet

Isabel Marant block heel boots

Celine Sunglasses

Saint Laurent Shopping bag (back in stock) available pre-loved






Ph- Natasa Kost

Have a lovely Day!!!

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