Three Chic Unusual Restaurants

close-up-torontoI read an article about amazing unusual restaurants recently and I chose the three that are chic… plus, offer a unique experience. By far my favorite is dining in the sky, even though I fear heights. But life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Right?

1. High Tech Dining in the Sky

Chic unusual restaurants- Dinner-in-the-Sky-VeniceThis unique dining in the sky experience is offered to guests of the five-star hotel Cipriani, on the island of Giudecca in Venice’s lagoon. From 19 to 23 June, the hotel will arrange a dinner in the sky. Only 22 guests along with two chefs at the same time. Guests can choose between Italian meals and snacks prepared by alternately chef Renato Piccolotto Cipriani restaurant and chef Roberto Gatto Cips.

The Dinning in the sky service is available also in Paris, London, Dubai, Las Vegas, Monaco and Brussels. To book a place at the dinner table in the sky, you need only send a request to the email address

2. Eco Dining in a Greenhouse

de-kas-restaurant-amsterdam- Unusual Restaurants

2. Chef Gert Jan Hagemann, who earned a star “Michelin” for his high Dutch cuisine opened his Restaurant De Kas-greenhouse in Amsterdam in 2001. Hagemann turned a greenhouse owned by a municipal kindergarten in Amsterdam,  since 1926 to an incredible restaurant.

De Kas-greenhouse in Amsterdam
De Kas-greenhouse in Amsterdam

3. Romantic Dining on a Tree

chic unusual restaurants

3. A romantic restaurant in the trees… perfect for a marriage proposal?! Hotel Soneva Kiri in Thailand offers to its guests an unusual place for dinner. The waiters are suspended from a rope and they roll down to the tables and go up the special “rope-track” with plates in their hands.

Hotel Soneva Kiri
Hotel Soneva Kiri in Thailand


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  1. How cool are these restaurants?! I really love the idea of dining in the trees, looks so romantic. Great post 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

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