The Three Must Haves- LBDs, Solitaire Rings and Statement Shoes

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The three must haves for any season are solitaire rings, a little black dress and a pair of high heel exciting shoes. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and LBD’s are a man’s favorite dress. Oh! and high heel statement shoes are loved by both!!!

With all those parties and weddings coming up I thought you might need some evening wear inspiration. Obviously, mid season sale is the perfect time to buy your new little black dress but also it is a an opportunity to add some new classic jewelry in you collection.

These diamond solitaire rings from are so pretty, they would look perfect with any outfit. Diamond rings are one of the most desired gifts. Even though they are the first choice of rings for special occasions like marriages, they do make the perfect engagement ring but would you mind getting one as a birthday present?

Choose your LBD


Get your Perfect Solitaire Rings

 Certified 0.24ct White Diamond 9k White Gold Ring
Price £287- Certified 0.24ct White Diamond White Gold Ring
Diamond ring
£310 Diamond Gold Tomas Rae Ring
Price £183 Mint Frappé Green Diamond White Gold Ring

Find your statement shoes

Statement shoes

Voila, you are the best dressed wedding guest! Yes, you can wear black to a wedding as long as it is not your own!!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. One of my best friends is getting married in two weeks and I still haven’t found what I am going to wear! Love all your suggestions so much!

    Many many kisses sweetheart
    Out Of The Box

    1. I have to attend some weddings too and I was wondering what to wear…that is how it all started..

  2. Definitely agree with having statement shoes and an LBD – great combination. The picture of the Louboutin shoes are gorgeous – i’d love those in my wardrobe! I’ve not really thought about the rings though. I don’t tend to wear many rings so it was interesting to look at these. I tend to wear bracelets and necklaces mainly and I think a statement necklace is important too.

    have a great day x

    1. I agree statement necklaces are super cool, I have a pinterest board just for those unforgettable necklaces
      but I tend to wear more statement rings and earrings! I always wear my solitaire ring with evening wear.

  3. Ah those rings are beautiful, I adore your selection. Wonderful post Nina, a LBD paired with some statement heels is a combo you just can’t beat, love it! 🙂

    Take care,
    Daniella xox

    1. Happens to me all the time 🙂 but the ones from Asos are very nice… and affordable 🙂 Some of the high priced clothes are on sale 🙂

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