The Stylish Engagement Rings

lips and diamond flowers

It all started with stylish engagement rings, amazing red lips and even more amazing diamond jewelry from Grillz by Christian Ferretti, a unique fashion editorial for Interview Magazine.

I opened a file on my desktop and started adding diamond rings…

I am Spring cleaning my desktop and the rings must be published or I have to move them to trash… I could’t do that…

Hope you will enjoy a little wedding proposal inspiration…

What do you like the classic engagement ring, the conceptual or the vintage? My personal favorite is the classic diamond heart ring.

heart diamond ring

Perfect engagement rings

There are so many options, cuts, designs and styles

About engagement ring trends, Vogue Australia: “There are certainly more clients asking for ‘fancy cut’ diamond shapes such as pear, cushion and oval diamonds. Also, to customise their ring, clients are increasingly interested in co-designing their engagement ring so they can add detail to a design that has some meaning to them. With so much variety available in the marketplace today, consumers are less inclined to buy ‘off the rack’ and are wanting to be involved in the design and creation of their jewellery piece.”

Engagement ring finger


AMAL ALAMUDDIN - the seven-carat, emerald-cut diamond

Incredible celebrity engagement rings include Amal Alamuddin’s seven-carat, emerald-cut diamond, which is set on a platinum band, was said to have cost almost half a million pounds.

So now we got the ring.. you need flowers and lot’s of champagne…

white flowers minimal wedding deco

bathtub champagne

married couple

Have a lovely Day!!!


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