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The Perfect Wedding Dress … Searching to Find the One! - TrendSurvivor

The Perfect Wedding Dress … Searching to Find the One!

Wedding dress painting



white-flowers Georgia O'Keefe

annie_leibovitz wedding dress


steven-meisel wedding dress



For Greek press here

Every woman’s red carpet moment is her Wedding Day! Life is hard, but the world will stand still for one day!  You want to look skinny, curved and feel perfect! Explore here your amazing wedding dress choices!

Couple, John Stezaker
Collage by John Stezaker, exhibition Whitechapel Gallery, 2011

There are many options this season! You can choose to look like a princess, a mermaid or as if you have just arrived at the Oscars! I know, you want to look your best! Find what you like by getting an idea of what is considered absolutely trendy, chic and elegant! It is your big day, you are the star and you will shine! Choose what makes you feel confident and pretty. Take your time and enjoy the view!

peonies Wedding bouquet
Top Wedding bouquet Trend Peonies
Just to let you know about Ancient Greek traditions, time was an important factor in Greek marriage. There were superstitions that being married during a full moon was good luck and, according to Robert Flaceliere, a scholar of Classical Greek born in Paris, France, in 1904, Greeks married in winter and sadly inheritance was more important than feelings. That has changed.. I hope!
John Stezaker Collage, 2007 shown at Whitechapel Gallery

Top Wedding Dress Designs as seen on the catwalk… straight from the 2011 runway! My favorite wedding gowns from London, Paris, Milan and New York Fashion Week. Look through and get inspired!

1. Mermaid Style for a beautiful bridal silhouette
Wedding Dress, Versace, Mermaid Style, 2011 Autumn- Winter
Versace 2011 Autumn – Winter
Celia Kritharioti, Mermaid style, wedding dress
Celia Kritharioti

2. Ball Gown for Oscar night Hollywood Glamour

Wedding dress Alexander mcQueen, 2011
Alexander mcQueen, 2011

Wedding Dress, Oscar Style, Versace, 2011
Versace, 2011
Marchesa, Wedding Dress 2011
Marchesa, Wedding Gown 2011
Wedding Dress, Celia Kritharioti
Celia Kritharioti
Yves Saint Laurant, Minimal Wedding dress, 2011
Yves Saint Laurant, Minimal Wedding dress, 2011
Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias, Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown
Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias
YSL, Wedding Dress,2011
YSL 2011
Vlassis Holevas Wedding Dress Ball Gown, greek designer
Vlassis Holevas

3. Princess for the day

Alexander McQueen, Wedding Dress, Priness Style, 2011
Alexander McQueen, Wedding Dress, Priness Style, 2011

Wedding Dress, Princess Style, Celia Kritharioti
Celia Kritharioti
Wedding Gown, Princess Style
Sarah Jessica Parker Princess Style ! I Love the pink gloves and bright blue shoes!!!!

4. Romantic Elegance for breathtaking beauty

Chanel Coutoure, Classic Wedding Dress
Chanel Couture
Vlassis Holevas, Greek Designer, Romantic Wedding Dress
Vlassis Holevas
Carolina Herrera, bridal Ruffle Gown,2011
Carolina Herrera : Bridal Ruffle Gown, 2011
Loukia, Romantic Wedding Dress
Wera Wang, Romantic wedding dresses
Wera Wang
Orsalia Parthenis, Greek Designer, Bridal Dress
Orsalia Parthenis
Wedding Gown, Temperley fall '11
Temperley 2011
Wedding Dress, Loukia
Wedding Dress, Loukia

5. Unique luxury and modernism for those who dare

Lady Gaga, Wedding Dress, Mugler
Lady Gaga, Unique Wedding Dress at Tierry Mugler 2011

Wedding Gown, Unique, Gucci 2011 Autumn-Winter
Gucci 2011 Autumn-Winter
Mini Wedding Dress, Versace, 2011
Versace, 2011
Daniel Widrig Extreme Wedding dress Paris 2011 Escapism
Daniel Widrig Paris 2011 Escapism
Orsalia Parthenis, Bridal Collection, Wedding Dress
Orsalia Parthenis
Unique Wedding Dress, Giorgio Armani,2011
Giorgio Armani, 2011


Yves Saint Laurant, Women's Wedding Suit, 2011
Yves Saint Laurant, Women’s Wedding Suit, 2011


The Best New Bridal Dress Trends

Wedding Dress, Unique style Vogue

Have a look at this years extensive range of options and follow the trends or set your own. 2011 best Wedding Dress Trends include:

Elie Saab, Wedding Gown trends, 2011
Elie Saab, Wedding Gown trends, 2011

Ruffles a true romance

Marchesa, Wedding Dress, Raffles New Style,2011

Minimal Chic

Wedding dress, Yves Saint Laurant, Minimal Style
Yves Saint Laurant, Minimal Style

Mini trendy casual

Stella McCartney, Short Wedding Dress, 2011
Stella McCartney 2011, Mini

Mermaid Hollywood Glamour

Madonna, Mermaid Hollywood Star Wedding Dress

Vintage beading exclusive style

Wedding Dress, Giorgio Armani, Vintage Beading
Giorgio Armani, Vintage Beading

Shimmering fabrics to glow as you walk

Wedding Dress, Shimmering, Giorgio Armani, 2011
Shimmering by Giorgio Armani, 2011

Sheer neckline to show skin and remain covered up

Nikol Kidman Wedding dress, sexy Mermaid
Nikole Kidman as a Sexy Mermaid by Annie Leibovitz

Visible corset for additional sexiness

Wedding Dress, Sexy style
Visible Corset Sexy Style

And Nude color …. is the new white!!!

Georgia O'keefe White Calico Flower 1931
Georgia O’keefe Calico Flower 1931
Lanvin Nude color wedding dress
Lanvin Nude color wedding dress
Donna Karan off white Wedding dress 2011
Donna Karan Nude… off white Wedding dress 2011
Wera Wang, bridal dress, Nude color
Wera Wang : bridal dress Nude color
Kate Middleton Wedding Dress

Kate Middleton Feather Hat
Kate Middleton

Wedding Invitation Of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prince William and Kate Middleton laughing
Prince William and Kate Middleton

British newspaper The Sunday Times reported Middleton would be wearing a dress designed by Sarah Burton, creative director of one of Britain’s edgiest labels, Alexander McQueen, when she marries Prince William on April 29. Middleton was reportedly attempting to keep both her wedding dress and the identity of its creator secret until the day of the royal wedding. She will set the trend this year because whatever she wears will set to off a frenzy of copycat designs. Within hours of appearing on TV following the announcement of the couple’s engagement in November 2010, the Issa dress Middleton wore had sold out in boutiques across the world and a $25 version created a few days later sold out within an hour of becoming available online. Her engagement ring, which belonged to Diana, was swiftly copied by Kenneth Jay Lane and has sold more than 30,000 units so far via QVC since it debuted on Nov 20.

May all your dreams come true…

Ellen deGeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding
Ellen deGeneres and Portia de Rossi wedding
Absolute Elegance Grace KellyPrincess Diane wedding dress


Princess Diana Portrait
Eternally Chic Princess Diana
Royal Wedding dress Kate Middleton
Royal Wedding dress Kate Middleton

LONDON, ENGLAND – APRIL 29:  Catherine Middleton arrives to attend the Royal Wedding of Prince William to Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011 in London, England. The marriage of the second in line to the British throne is to be led by the Archbishop of Canterbury and will be attended by 1900 guests, including foreign Royal family members and heads of state. Thousands of well-wishers from around the world have also flocked to London to witness the spectacle and pageantry of the Royal Wedding.  (Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

kate_middleton_wedding_dress Alexander McQueen
Kate Middleton’s wedding dress by Alexander McQueen

We finally get to see Kate Middleton’s wedding dress: a stunning Alexander McQueen wedding gown with a two-meter, 70-centimeter train.

Make your perfect choice, be self-assured and you will look super chic! Don’t forget…What makes a wedding gown special is… You!

 Have a lovely Day!!!



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