The Perfect Leather Slip-On Sneakers

The Perfect Leather Slip-On Sneakers 2

Before deciding on the perfect leather slip-on sneakers, I tried everything available from Givenchy to Sam Edelman…. Which probably explains why I get so many compliments on my new Vince sneakers… They are the best… Butter soft leather, light weight and stylish….

I was in California at the time, so I was ordering, testing and sending back for free… Shopping is so much easier in the States.

Anyway, the verdict is Vince Blair 5 Slip-on sneakers. I chose the perforated leather version because it’s cool for the hot Greek summer. Plus the leather is not as sensitive as the suede.

However, the suede slip-on sneakers from the Autumn Winter collection are part of the Nordstrom anniversary sale (prices go up again on August 4) so for 149$ it is more attractive. 🙂 Consider getting both if you are an athletic type of girl.

They fit true to size. Mine is 8 1/2 US which is 39.5 European.

Vince perfect slip-on sneakers perforated sneakers

Blair Vince slip-on sneakers close up

Photos © AF and Niki S

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Thanks for a very timely post Nina, need shoes for autumn and you’ve done research for me. Now thinking of getting Vince Blair but in suede as i think they would be more suitable for colder weather. Which ones would you prefer in suede Blair or Bowen from Nordstrom?

  2. I understand this is an old blog post, but I just received my Blair sneakers in the mail and they are a little snug (I ordered a full size down as my half size down was too big). Did yours stretch any? Thanks so much for your help!


    1. Hi Jenny, the leather is super soft and they do stretch… your are tight not short??
      X Nina

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