The Next Big Thing : Caviar Manicure

Caviar nail polish

Nail polish brand Ciate’s “caviar manicure” was introduced in the UK by and it was sold out immediately. The technique doesn’t actually involve fish eggs, though: the “caviar” is a collection of tiny glass beads sprinkled over wet nails for a cool, textured effect. Now, the manicure kits are available at British department store Selfridge’s. Is caviar manicure going to be the next big thing?  What do you think?

Caviar nail polish Kit
Caviar nail polish
Caviar nail polish Kit
Caviar nail Polish

Instructions for Caviar Manicure

You can find it here 

The execution is relatively easy …

Step 1: Set up your space. You’ll need a base coat, the caviar polish, and a small dish or bowl. You’ll see why in a sec.

Step 2: Paint your nails! The kits come in three color combos: white on white, black on black, or multicolor pastel on pink. You’re welcome to stick with those combos or experiment.

Step 3: While the nails are still wet, open up the caviar polish and slowly pour the glass beads over your nails. Make sure you do this over the bowl so that extra pieces will fall in there. Pat the beads onto your nails to make sure they stick. You can also use a file or cuticle stick to round strays into place. If you want to play around, you can also try half-and-half nails, just put caviar on the tips, or whatever else you want.

Step 4: Let your nails dry! They’ll feel dry to the touch because the glass isn’t wet, but give it about fifteen or twenty minutes. If you move your hands around and notice some of the beads went wayward, try re-pressing them onto the nail.

Step 5: Now that your nails are dry, grab the last piece out of the kit: a small black funnel. You can use this to collect all the stray beads and put them back into the bottle. That way you can get as many manis as possible out of your caviar.

I think it is an interesting change and I would try it for fun… I am going crazy with eccentric nail polish this season!

Have a nice day!!!





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