8 Ideas for the Little Black Halloween Costume Dress


Every year as a Halloween costume, I wear the same little black mini dress with fun accessories to create a different carnival outfit. It is not my favorite holiday- I wear whatever I want all year round anyway- 🙂 but I am always ready for a party and I love being creative.

Ideas for a little black dress Halloween Costume

1. Cover your eyes with lace, add high heel and a hat and voila you are a happy widow! Wore that a few years back… AF hates this photo (above) and the costume…Shhh

2. Make a bat headband wear your LBD and over the knee boots. I am trying to make the most from my new thigh high Stuart Weitzman boots.

bat headband halloween-carnival 2

Click for easy instructions on how to make a bat headband

3. Wear gothic make up and some crazy accessories on your head from your costume jewelry box.

Kate Moss Le Noir by Mert and Marcus for Vogue Paris
Kate Moss Le Noir by Mert and Marcus for Vogue Paris

4. Skeleton hands hair accessory

Skeleton hands, you can find here
Skeleton hands, you can find here

5. Create a gothic face cage inspired by Nika Danielska’s fashion designs featuring skeletal cages.

Nika Danielska
designer Nika Danielska

6. Wear your little black dress and do a dark Geisha makeup inspired by beauty artist Anna Oronowicz’s gothic chic editorial.

Dark Geisha photography by Marta Macha
Dark Geisha photography by Marta Macha

7. DIY black eyelashes tears Video

8. Wear cat accessories

click to shop

I don’t need to tell you that with the exception maybe of the cat hairband I would wear the rest in my everyday life.

Have a lovely Halloween!!!


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