The Hair Tuck


If you are not ready for the cut do the hair tuck. The simplest, fastest way to a stylish chic bob haircut

I have posted 2 fake bob tutorials but tucking your hair in your sweater or scarf is far easier to do. Right?

See in the images below and check out how it’s done by the pros.

How to tuck your hear in a sweater?

Do you feel you can pull off hair tucked into your sweater? We have seen this hairdo on celebrities, on editors, on bloggers but there are a few tips in mastering this hairstyle.

Messy is king!

“The whole point of this look is for it to seem very relaxed and like you almost mistakenly have your hair tucked inside your sweater or jacket,” says Steven DeCarlo, senior stylist at Mizu New York Salon.

Dirty works!

Second- or third-day hair, which has grittier hold, is actually ideal for this look. Use dry shampoo for texture.

So what do you think?


tuck in your hair

By the way I am loving the New Puzzle Loewe shoulder tan color bag.

tuck hair in turtleneck

camel coat sweater

How to tuck your hair in a sweater06

How to tuck your hair in a sweater07

How to tuck your hair in a sweater08

How to tuck your hair in a sweater09

How to tuck your hair in a sweater10

How to tuck your hair in a sweater11

How to tuck your hair in a sweater12





Images-, Vogue


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