The Double Denim Comeback

The double denim look may have many recoiling at memories of nineties fashion disasters and, even worse, Status Quo. But the double denim concept of combining two denim pieces is experiencing a resurgence and has been sported by a number of celebrities of late.

Chanel-double denim


Of course, denim jeans are a timeless item and brands continue to offer new takes on the classic style: the latest range of Replay jeans is extensive and designer labels like Victoria Beckham’s are constantly updating and restyling jeans. The double denim look should always be approached with caution to avoid falling into a fashion faux pas.

Opt for denim in contrasting tones to break up your outfit and steer clear of matchy items – a washed out denim jacket with similarly faded jeans is a definite no-no. Instead, choose a light coloured denim shirt and team with close-fitting skinny jeans in dark colours. Keep the look casual with ballet pumps or chunky ankle boots.

Gucci and Givenchy 2013
Gucci and Givenchy 2013
Balmain 2013
Balmain 2013
Chanel and Marc by Marc Jacobs 2013
Chanel and Marc by Marc Jacobs 2013

If that’s just too much blue for you, go for real contrast by mixing coloured denim with the more classic blue. Pastel and bright coloured jeans started appearing in our shops a couple of seasons back and are still going strong now.

Pale yellows and pinks looked great in the spring and summer months, adding a light touch to outfits. It’s possible to go even lighter this season by opting for white jeans – the perfect echo of frosty winter landscapes. Work a pair of white tailored jeans with a long sleeved dark denim shirt to showcase double denim at its best.

Double denim
Alternatively, rather than shirking of the nineties vibe completely, why not channel a retro look in your double denim outfit? Scour vintage shops for classic high waisted denim hotpants to wear with a loose fitting denim shirt. Keep warm with black opaque tights underneath and up the retro factor with Doc Marten boots and Ray-Ban sunnies for bright autumn mornings.
Double denim has not had its day, it seems. Rework the look for the 21st century by avoiding matching tones and keep it laid back and casual.

Denim on denim

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