The comeback of the foulard (VIDEO)


Collage Foulards Spring Summer 2012

Hi Guys!!! Choose your scarf and learn how to wear it as a turban for  70’s chic style. Colorful foulards are so trendy this season and I made my top list. Prices range from 10 euro to 400. Can you spot the difference? Gianni Versace’s trademark style is back!!!

Mary Katrantzou
$595 –  You can find here 

Jil Sander cotton shawl
$400 – You can find  here

Missoni scarve
$500 – You can find here 

Forever 21 floral shawl
$8.80 – You can find  here 

Forever 21 scarve
$5.80 –  You can find  here 

Mary Katrantzou floral shawl
$549 – You can find here

Dolce Gabbana silk shawl
$318 – You can find here

pink oversized aztec snood
£10 – You can find here

Aztec Border Snood
$36 – You can find here

blue star print snood
£10 – You can find here

blue polka dot snood
£13 – You can find here



Love the way Fabrizia wore her turban. You can learn how by watching her video.

You can find Fabrizia’s blog here.

Have a Lovely day!!!



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