Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas that Pair Style and Comfort

You have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving season, like working at a job that’s worthy of your gorgeous brain and finally getting your mom to agree to stop commenting on your friends’ Facebook statuses. But, possibly the thing you’re most thankful for this Thanksgiving is that summer fling turned fall romance has heated up and he’s cordially invited you to break bread with his family on Turkey day. Don’t crumble under the pressure of important first impressions. Check out our suggestions for a few holiday outfits guaranteed to dazzle during every course.

Thanksgiving Style GuideAppetizers

Make a great first impression over tray passed puffed pastries with effortless style. Show them that your beauty comes naturally in a gorgeous baby doll dress. Pair this cute and sassy look with some classic heels and a simple pendant necklace to keep things casual as you entertain the crowd with some enchanting story about how you met their precious boy. Throw in a couple of hair flips and giggles and you’ll have them hooked on getting to know you better before the cheese plate hits the table.  

The Main Course

Show them your softer side at dinner and grace the table in an elegant, super soft sweater great for dressing up or down depending on the vibe. Dress up your heavenly look with a pair of crisp white leggings and some fun statement earrings sure to open your ears to every piece of gossip his Great Aunt Gertie wants to share with you. If their dinner is more of a casual grab-a-plate-and-eat-in-front-of-the-game affair then some sleek skinny jeans and taupe platform wedges is all you’ll need to blend right in. Whatever their Thanksgiving meal tradition, we promise you’ll feel like one of the family when this sweater has your back.


Keep things sweet at the end of the meal in a fun and flirty dress sure to show them that you are totally comfortable talking politics with a side of whipped cream. Add some chic nude heels and classic gold hoops for a bit of sparkle and you’ll have everyone eager to hear your views – and share their pie.

Cocktail Hour

No successful holiday affair is complete without that much anticipated trip to the local pub for a little R&R from that intense family roundup you just survived (with flying colors, may we add). Cut loose with your beau and his friends this Thanksgiving in a flirty floral print sundress and stylish ankle strap heels. With a look this good – and an affinity for some sweet karaoke tunes – there’s no way those protective homegrown friends of his won’t love you.

However you plan on spending the holidays, our recommendations will make sure you look good and stay comfortable all season long. We may not be able to change the dinner conversation but we certainly can make you feel like you can handle it in style. And that’s something we’re very thankful for.

Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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