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Texas Fashion Blogger Style in Southfork Ranch - TrendSurvivor

Texas Fashion Blogger Style in Southfork Ranch

Into the South-fork ranch Dallas

Even though, I never planned to ride a mechanical bull, or take a hayride I was really looking forward to our last day event with rewardStyle, the Texas fashion blogger style experience.

We had brunch, listening to a country concert at the legendary Southfork Ranch, made famous by the Ewing Family in the television series Dallas. The Ewing mansion defines Grand Texas Style.


Into The Dallas South-fork Ranch… back to the 1980s

History at Southfork began in 1978, when Lorimar Productions chose the North Texas showplace as the site for the CBS-TV series “Dallas”. The hit series, which counted millions of viewers across the United States and in 95 foreign countries as fans, was originally broadcast in the United States from 1978 to 1991. The series continues to be broadcast in syndication and still is in first-run status in many countries around the world. Because of the ranch’s high profile on television, the beautiful white mansion, the pool, the barns and surroundings quickly became a tourist mecca….

South Fork Ranch

Shoufork Ruch dallas set

Luisa and Anni

 German bloggers from Munich Luisa Lion (Style Roulette) and Anni from Stuttgart (Fashion Hippie Loves) taking pictures of each other.

Into the gloss Michael Harper

Into the Gloss co-founder Michael Harper in JR’s seat

Ebba Zingmark Sweden

Model, blogger and Lookbook star Ebba Zingmark from Sweden with Maria Tagesson

Nina Daria Ellena

I am still LOL looking at these photos with Daria Kamalova The Cablook and Ellena Galant Girl using “high fashion” props as Ellena rightly put it hahaha

 Texas fashion blogger style

My favorite classic girly cowboy look with chic Texas iconic quality always includes a pair of classic cowboy boots.

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Trend Survivor Nina South fork ranch-Texas fashion blogger style

Check out my outfit… it is coming up next. I am wearing a kind of cowboy leather hat which is actually from Australia but I was told it looked the part.

Photos © me ( Trend Survivor)

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. I am from Dallas Texas, born and raised there, but would you believe I have NEVER visited Southfork Ranch? Looks like a great time and you look AWESOME in a cowboy hat…giddy up! xo-Elaine

    1. I love your city!!!

      Southfolk Ranch looks interesting and has some great places for photo-shoots… You should go…

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