Tania’s Luxurious Faliero Sarti Scarf

Faliero Sarti scarf

My friend Tania introduced me to the luxurious softness of Faliero Sarti scarfs  last weekend. Even though she usually dresses like a tomboy, she has an amazing, elegant fashion sense.

Luxury accessories label Faliero Sarti was founded by Monica Sarti in 1991, following the success of her family business. They were supplying high quality textiles to fashion houses such as Giorgio Armani, Ann Demeulemeester and Vivienne Westwood.

The collection’s signature scarves are made by the finest cashmeres, silks and wools in a mind-boggling array of colors. We went shopping in Hydra and she got this Europe map scarf from “Speak Out” a cool boutique located at the harbor. Now. that sales have started I am trying to find a Faliero Sarti scarf online. You can check out my favorites below.

Tania's Faliero Sarti Scarf 3

Tania's Faliero Sarti Scarf 2

Faliero Sarti scarf

Tania's Faliero Sarti Scarf1

Photos © me TrendSurvivor

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