TALULAH | Meet Designer Kelli Wharton

Talulah Clothing | Meet Designer Kelli

After I was contacted by the Australian brand TALULAH for a collaboration, I started reading everything about the brand’s award winning designer Kelli Wharton and her stylish collections.

I was impressed!!!!

Talulah Collection 2014-15 | Meet Designer Kelli Wharton

TALULAH Designer Kelli Wharton

TALULAH was created by Kelli in 2005 and immediately attracted attention when she showcased her first collection at Delfin Australia Fashion Design Awards.

Note, that Kelli Wharton won the Mercedes Benz Lifestyle collection award that year!!!

She was sewing from the age of 14 and loved art and everything about colour and fabric.

Since then, TALULAH has grown into a lifestyle that every woman can take away with her and they are distributed globally through 200 wholesale accounts.

In her interview, published at mygc.com.au she explains who is the TALULAH woman :

The TALULAH woman is confident, imaginative and styles with a playful sensibility. Born carefree, she encompasses all that is to be woman; effortlessly chic, timeless and ultimately fashionable. Her diary is full; coffee with friends, dinner with family, social events and ambitious work commitments.

Her enthusiasm is infectious, as she brings to life the flavour of the female lifestyle through her classic wardrobe pieces, vibrant prints and colour and signature outfits. Synonymous with style and elegance, the TALULAH woman celebrates the power of female fashion.

I identify with all that… 🙂

Talulah clothing pink floral shorts

Talulah clothing dress

The ready-to-wear apparel is available at the TALULAH Shop (they do ship internationally) and at other online stores like Neiman Marcus and Revolve Clothing.

I am loving the creative, confident and elegantly spirited designs.

It was so hard to pick my favorites.

You must check out The Saturday Love Dress from the First Light Summer 2014 Collection so perfect for so many different occasions.

I am haunted by the beautiful disaster skirt. Oh! so pretty!

Honestly, I am thrilled to be presenting one of Australia’s most loved fashion and lifestyle brands. As some of you already know, I am obsessed with Australia ever since my last trip, with my sister Yanna, to Melbourne and Sidney.

 Stay tuned my outfit post featuring the romantic encounter TALULAH dress is coming up next!

Talulah clothing romantic encounter dress

Images- TALULAH and Maria Zerva

Have a lovely Day!!!


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