31. 05. 2011
Photographer Jill Greenberg blue stilettos

ART AND SHOES- Sandal Power

Greek version here Art, Athletes, Dancers, Swimming-suits and High Heel Shoes One show that I would love to see in person is by photographer Jill Greenberg! The NY show coming up named Glass Ceiling...

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20. 05. 2011
Marie Antoinette Shoe by Christian Louboutin

Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion Trend- 60 Christian Louboutin Shoes

Red Soles on the Red Carpet Geek Version here Celebrities choose the best Christian Louboutin High Heel Sandals and Stiletto Shoes!!! There’s something about those red soles that the A-list can’t resist. There...

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15. 04. 2011
Tufi Duek 2011 Anja Rubic

Leather Fashion Report

English version here Φαινομενικά ανατρεπτική και τολμηρή η μόδα στα δερμάτινα ρούχα και αξεσουάρ για την Άνοιξη-Καλοκαίρι 2011! Όμως, η πραγματική καινοτομία είναι οι πρωτότυποι συνδυασμοί! Για παράδειγμα, τα αέρινα ρομαντικά φορέματα φοριούνται...

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12. 04. 2011
Chanel leather jacket

Cool Fashion Trend Alert- Top Leather Must Haves

  Greek version here Everything to update your leather style! Floral dresses illuminate your closet, bold colors spread the sunshine and jeans match with almost everything… but what are you going to wear...

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06. 04. 2011
Marble Dress Sculpture 'la corrente' by Texas artist Julie Richey

Spring Flower Garden- How to wear the Fruit and Flower Top Fashion Trend and Spread the Sunshine

Greek version here Welcome to Spring and the new 2011 fashion trend of flower and garden extravaganza! Everything …from bright flower prints to botanical patterns and futuristic blossom designs. Allow me to introduce...

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