20. 10. 2012

Smart Shopping- Top 3 DESIGNER SALES

Ready for 3 Top Designer Sales? You could find your best new items for Fall for up to 90% off. Can’t write a long post because I must start exploring the sites. I know...

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02. 08. 2012
oneoneone pants top beige

Fashion News- It’s Number oneonone… Rakas Fashion Line

Hi girls! Are you ready for the preview of a new one? I just finished editing the pictures of the private viewing of an amazing fashion line and I am ready to share...

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31. 07. 2012
oneoneone lace details

Fashion News- Get ready for a New ONE!

Oh! I had an amazing time yesterday! I was invited to a private viewing of a stylish new designer collection at Rakas head offices. I entered the showroom of the new fashionable brand...

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22. 06. 2012
Balenciaga blue Bag Blue silk dress detail

Code Boho Blue

I was in Mykonos for a wedding and even though it was last Saturday, I am posting what I wore at the unforgettable beach party at Nammos, today. The main reason is that...

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01. 12. 2011
Invitation Rakas Sofos design Nina Papaioannou

Sofos Stylish Fashion Day Party!

English here Μια ευχάριστη νότα με προ-Χριστουγεννιάτικη διάθεση ήταν το Sofos Stylish Fashion Party στην Κηφισιά. Με πολύ μουσική, ζεστή φιλική ατμόσφαιρα και τον Al Giga να αποκαλύπτει τα στιλιστικά μυστικά του στις...

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29. 11. 2011

Pre-Christmas Event- Sofos Stylish Fashion Day Party!

Hi Girls! I know Fashion is always Fun, but in Greece these days spirits are not that high and shopping has lost it’s color. Most of us are having a hard time one...

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12. 11. 2011
New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 2012 Diane Von Furstenberg

Style Icon- Diane Von Furstenberg… her secrets to success

English here Diane Von Furstenberg … Κι όμως, δεν είναι μόνο το Wrap Dress!!! Εδώ και μια εβδομάδα είμαι σε φάση Diane Von Furstenberg! Πως μου συνέβη? Ίσως, να φταίει ο καιρός? Μια...

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08. 11. 2011
Diane Von Fustenberg in black and white wrap dress

Fashion and Style Icon Diane Von Furstenberg- Her Secrets To Success

Diane Von Furstenberg … Not Just The Wrap Dress!!! I am in a Diane Von Furstenberg designer wrap dress mood! Maybe it is the weather, one minute it is worm and the next...

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21. 10. 2011
Nina Papaioannou, Al Giga

Events- Zilly Boutique Fashion Party

Hi Girls!! International creative director, image maker and stylist Al Giga was the guest star at the Zilly Store Event by Aris Rakas and store manager Lena Kouris. Born in Tanzania and raised...

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16. 10. 2011
Pinko Uniqueness 2012

Pinko ‘Uniqueness’ by Alessandra Facchinetti

  English here Μου αρέσει η φρεσκάδα της Ιταλικής φίρμας Pinko με τα μοντέρνα σχέδια και τους ανεπάντεχους συνδυασμούς. Πριν λίγες μέρες γνώρισα την υπεύθυνη της Pinko για την Ελλάδα και εντυπωσιάστηκα από...

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