Home Decor- Easter Sunday in Paros!!


Hi Girls!!! My friend Alexandra has the most amazing houses in Paros and as you will see a great taste for home decoration too.

This is my favorite Easter decor table setting!!! You can find more about her luxury summer homes here. I went for Easter Sunday to a lovely stone house hidden in the trees in Ippokrateios Politeia but these pictures stole my heart and I had to share them.


Paros, Makria Miti, Luxury Villa tableMakria Miti, Paros

 You can see more Makria Miti, Paros… here.

Artistic easter eggs!!!

Paros, Makria Miti, Luxury Villa easter eggs

Paros, Makria Miti, Luxury Villa lamb traditionalParos, Makria Miti, Luxury Villa easter tableRound table Easter setting.

Traditional Greek Lamb.

Paros, Makria Miti, Luxury Villa chicken

As cute a it gets… Huh??!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. >OH.MY.GOODNESS! Your friends home is insaaaaaanely gorgeous! What I wouldnt give to own/live in such a beautiful place. We can ony dream huh? ^_^

    Eeli xo

  2. >It is amazing and she is really clever because she is renting it in the summer to VIPs!!!

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