Summer Vacation Outfit- White against Blue

white nails essie
Summer Vacation Outfit- White against Blue

A white skirt, shorts or pants matched with a white top is my favorite vacation outfit. However, trying to avoid another total white outfit post I added pastel shade accessories to create a contrast. Blogging makes you try harder when getting dressed 🙂 A pastel pink studded leather belt, my new beige leather espadrilles and my vintage Andrianne Vitadini colorful floral bag. But the real contrast of my white outfit is against the blue sea and sky of Paros. It was that day, I shot the picture that won me the Penelope Chilvers Espadrille Moment competition. 

ring silver Kessaris
Ring silver Kessaris Jewelry
Hair, Water
Gone with the wind
hair water
white against blue
floral bag detail
Adrianna Vitadini floral bag detail
Adrianne Vitadini Vintage Bag Floral
Adrianne Vitadini Vintage Bag
white embroidery skirt
White long Zara embroidered skirt
watch, ring,water
Rolex Watch
Chloe Sunglasses
Chloe Sunglasses
Massimo Dutti Pink belt
Massimo Dutti Pink belt
anklet byNina, espadrilles leather
anklet byNina, espadrilles leather
White outfit summer vacation
White summer vacation outfit

T-shirt white you can find everywhere 🙂

Zara white cotton long skirt You can find here

Leather Studded Pink belt Massimo Dutti

Sunglasses Aviator Chloe

Bag Floral vintage Andrianna Vitadini

Espadrilles Leather Beige Penelope Chilvers You can find them here  and here

 Have a lovely Weekend!!!




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