Summer Vacation Hairstyle- Top Bun Scarf Hair Wraps

Summer Vacation Hairstyle- Top Bun Scarf Hair Wraps

It took me three years to restore my hair to its healthy and happy state, so, now, I am ready for these new amazing scarf hair wraps. Is that how I should call them? I have no clue …

Anyway, the idea is using a piece of fabric or a scarf to create a stylish hairstyle. Summer calls for some creative hair styles that can be easily done on vacation.

1. Braided Scarf

You can use a piece of stripped fabric in a braid. Katie from the blog makes it look like a simple DIY hairstyle.

stripped scarf summer hairstyle

2. Top Bun with a scarf

Top bun scarf hairstyle

How summery and cute is this?! A top knot with a band!

3.  Head Wrap Scarf

I just tied a long scarf in the front… super easy…

Head scarf head wrap hairstyle

4. Scarf hair wraps Summer Vacation Hairstyle

You can use your silk scarfs or shop stylish beaded headbands

wrap it up hair head wraps

5. Wrap a head scarf around a bun

This is my favorite 2014 head scarf idea. Looks fresh and give an edge to the top bun that suits us all…

Top knot scarf

scarf top bun

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  1. I love all the head scarves that are on trend this summer. It’s the perfect way to keep hair out of your face on hot days!

  2. I love wearing scarves in my hair, I love classic Brigitte Bardot style from the movie Le Mépris or á la Grace Kelly, I also like to wrap them round my donut bun, which is quite a popular hairdo now 🙂

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