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Summer House bedroom Ideas | Wooden Headboard

Summer House Bedroom Ideas | Wooden Headboard and stylish bedside table DIY

wooden painted blue headboard

Find how you can make a shabby chic inexpensive artistic wooden headboard DIY and an alternative stylish bedside table in no time. Creating a beautiful bedroom  sometimes just requires a creative imagination!

Summer house bedroom DIY, wooden ladder bedside table

Niki, my daughter, went for summer vacation to her grandmas house in Andros and send me back these beautiful bedroom renovation pictures.

Using wooden panels, an old salvaged wooden ladder and oil paint she ended up with a beautiful wooden headboard and a nightstand that are completely customizable, stylish and Greek Island shabby chic.

DIY Wooden Headboard and Bedside Table Instructions

Summer house bedroom DIY blue painted headboard

You will need:

Wooden Painted Headboard

MDF panel cut the size of the headboard you want

Wood panels or MDF in various dimensions

Oil paint

Hammer and nails

wooden painted blue headboard

1. So you start by painting the panels in different colors. The color combination is subjective but for a summer house in Greece blue seems like the best option. Using oil paint gives better color shades and by adding white spirit you can create the shades. Even though oil paint takes longer to dry and has a strong smell it gives a far more interesting result than plastic paint.

2. Using a hammer and nails you  place the panels on the MDF board.

ladder shelves shabby chic

Bedside Table Ladder Shelves

Old wooden ladder

small wooden panels for shelves

Oil paint

Black and Decker

Niki found the old wooden ladder in the garden and with a little creativity she build this gorgeous alternative bedside table. You can even purchase a wooden ladder online and you can paint it in the desired color. By using a hammer and nails add as many shelves as you need.

Behind the scenes from Niki’s Instagram

painting legs

That is why painters wear overalls!

Ph- Niki Svolou

Have a lovely Day!!!

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    1. Really easy to make… Usually in Greece they use the wooden ladder to hang towels in the bathroom but I love this too…

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