Stylish Tasty Vegan Smoothie Recipes


Stylish Tasty Vegan Smoothie Recipes

As summer approaches a Tasty Vegan Smoothie recipes are a yummy healthy idea. I have located seven stylish super food recipes that I am dreaming to try in a frozen version. Check them out for surprisingly interesting combos like beautiful blending between the strawberries and chamomile.

Chocolate Raspberry Fig Smoothie

The Cook Republic’s recipe includes figs, cashews, paprika, and maple syrup. You can read the recipe here

2. Pina Colada Vegan Smoothie

Vegan Pina Colada


 A Foodie With Family Pina Colada. One of the Vegan Smoothie Recipes that wouldn’t taste bad with some rum. 

3. Chamomile, Strawberry, and Quinoa Smoothie

Chamomile, Strawberry, and Quinoa Smoothie

This is a healthy and avant-garde option. Chamomile has the power to relax especially when taken at the end of a long day and quinoa is used to thicken the smoothie. Genius! Recipe from Aprons and Sneakers



4. Chocolate Strawberry Almond Protein Smoothie

Chocolate Strawberry Almond Protein Smoothie

 A health liquid recipe from The Healthy Family and Home full of oils, seeds, nibs using strawberries. 

5 Fast Facts About Strawberries:


  • loaded with anti-oxidants
  • contains anti-inflammatory benefits
  • contains 21% RDA of manganese
  • helps fight cancer
  • excellent source of vitamin C


5. Cashew, Mango, and Blueberry Smoothie

Cashew, Mango, and Blueberry Smoothie

You can salvage an over ripe mango by adding oats and meaty nuts to make the breakfast-perfect smoothie. Get the recipe at Cook Republic.


100g unsalted cashew nuts
300ml chilled water
1 ripe mango, stoned and flesh chopped
1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup ice cubes
1 tablespoon linseeds or chia seeds 
1 tablespoon porridge oats
1 tablespoon honey 

Photos © Cook Republic, Aprons and Sneakers,  Foodie With Family

PS: Just ordered the following for Niki and Andrianna

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