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Stylish Home Office Updates for Less

Stylish Home Office Updates for Less

Iʼm officially in summer mode. School has been out for a couple of weeks and the boysʼ summer schedules are in full swing. There are parts of our house that are under siege by them and their friends, but there is one area that I can claim as my own – my home office. No more workbooks, textbooks, school files and lego guys – they really do help with math! Time for a makeover.

Home office updates for less, white desk

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home office update ideas storage

home office update Metal Circle Cart World Market- Cost Plus

Iʼm not going to admit the hours I spent on pinterest looking at home office pics. As always, I got some great ideas. I tend to like the monochromatic look with a splash of color, so I always gravitate to black and white. Come to think of it, I wear mostly black or white; I like colorful bags and I love to eat sushi rolls…:)
The tasteful simplicity of industrial-warm-modern has always appealed to me, and here is how I put it together. I moved my white desk by the window to get more light, and I bought the ultra modern Evie chair in white for a contemporary touch. I picked a black desk lamp for contrast and then added some embossed metal accessories for that cool, slightly industrial/antique feel. A wooden paper tray for my favorite office supplies was the last piece on my desk to add some warmth. My splash of color was decided when a friend gave me a lime green notebook while I was in the midst of my update. It fit perfectly in my metal storage container:)
One of the consequences of the modern and uncluttered concept, of course, is lack of storage. I found the perfect solution in the Zinc Yvette Metal Circle Cart. Itʼs stylish, functional and can hold all my work papers and craft supplies. Itʼs right next to my desk for easy access, and since it has wheels I can move it as needed. One last storage piece I couldnʼt resist was a square wooden and metal crate. I placed it in the space under my desk. For now, it holds my favorite Donna Hay magazine issues.
I guess now itʼs time to get some actual work done:)

1. Metal desk organizer – practical storage with an industrial flair
2. Josephine desk – elegant and the perfect size for any space
3. Metal pencil cup – add an antique feel and fill with colorful pencils 4.sebastian crates – beautiful combination of metal and wood for extra storage 5.larsen metal task lamp – modern look and adjustable design
6. Marcus storage box – a simple, rustic piece that turns into an organizer when opened
7. Metal mail holder – to keep your mail on track
8. Molded evie chair – contemporary and trendy
9. Owen wooden tray – a functional tray that adds warmth next to all the metal accessories
10. Yvette metal cart – a stylish solution for extra storage
11. Craft journal – jot down your thoughts and be creative
12. Jumbo paper clips – organize your paperwork and add some color
13. Wall calendar – plan ahead while contemplating the inspirational quotes
14. Retro pens – colorful simplicity
15. Ball mason jar – a timeless container for any use
16. Andy Warhol pencils – creative writing at work

17. Sebastian crates – spacious industrial style storage

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Photos- Ismini H, World Market

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  1. Love the position of the desk…I always put my desk right up the windows for inspiration from mother nature. Great clean lines, a perfect environment for productive work.

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