Stylish Gift Ideas for Him

1 Stylish-Gift-Ideas-for-HimBrat-Pitt

Whether you’re buying for your husband, your best friend or your boyfriend, I have assembled a stylish gift ideas guide for you to peruse. From traditional favourites like shirts and sweaters to a few less conventional picks like cool gadgets and home decor design stuff.

I know, real love is based on more than material things but, there is nothing wrong with a gift every now and then…and I know there is nothing harder than finding a man’s perfect present. I hope you will enjoy my clever gift ideas for the men on the shopping list.

1. Jeans

Men can never have enough pair of jeans like we can never have enough shoes. Scotch and soda jeans are a super cool option for a man with a casual chic style.


2. Jewelry

Yes, you could buy jewelry for a man. I find this necklace super cool, plus you could wear it too.

Traveller mens necklace

Traveller’s necklace for good luck

3. Shirt

The obvious easy choice is a shirt. My favorites include striped and checked sporty shirts.

Stylish Gift Ideas for Him Shirt Check

Check Shirt

4. Book

Architecture book wood

Wood Architecture Now! Vol. 1 from Taschen is a book by Philip Jodido, art historian and chief editor of the French art magazine Connaissance des Arts. He guides the reader on this richly illustrated journey through the ecological wooden designs of Seppo Häkli, Ken Sugjin Min and the SARC architects, all of whom have set the benchmark in architectural use of wood. I know AF would love this one.

5. Gadget

The tailor-made luxurious case is made from a multiplex birch frame with a glossy coating—shaped dramatically like a bound book, iPad Case G.1 black leather by germanmade.

iPad Case G.1 Leather Black

6. Watch

Cube Click Clock Black Blue

Men are interested in time more than us. So, a new clock is always a welcomed gift idea. Love the masculine minimal wood Cube Click Clock by Gingko.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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