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It’s this time of the year we are all desperately searching for gifts for the men in our life. It so much easier shopping for girls! Right?  Anyway, even though last year my stylish gifts for him list had traditional favourites like sweaters to a few less conventional picks like cool gadgets and home decor design stuff, this post will be about the universally favorite gift for him, the shirt and how to choose the perfect fit.

Men’s online fashion has become important, totally relevant and has gained acceptance throughout the world. With clothes being labeled as slim, ultra slim, regular, skinny and trim in terms of fit and plethora of options available in terms of designs, colors, prices, it is quite a complicated task to select the right clothes.

Also, getting clothes that fit men well is always a real challenge – be it in shirts, trousers and suits. Men too neglect this part and do not giving importance to the aspect of fit when buying apparels and end up buying clothes that match their body frame. Sometimes, when you wear a shirt, it doesn’t fit the way it was supposed to.

Tips to Select Perfect Fit

Men and women assume that the readymade clothes fit well for all of them. While in reality, brands create and design clothes for particular target segments. You may have observed that though the standard size labels on the clothes are the same, they significantly vary when you try and wear them.

Marlon Brando Paris 1959
Marlon Brando Paris 1959

Here’s a detailed article that helps you to get through the intricacies while shopping for clothes in the retail outlet or for that matter, even when doing online shopping. One of the foremost things that you need to do even before buying clothes, is to assess or know your body measurements.

Being proactive and knowing it in as much detail as possible helps you to pick the clothes including shirts, trousers, blazers and suits that fit better than just picking a random standard size. Another big advantage of the body measurement is that you can get a near custom fit at off the rack prices. The clothes that you wear should follow the lines of your body, which gives a neat appearance and instills confidence in you. For shirts, neck, chest, waist and sleeves are the 4 important areas where you should know the measurements.

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Many feel that taking measurement is a cumbersome process. If done right, you will reap the benefit whenever you buy your clothes. Measure the neck at the thickest part, with the head straight. To know if the collar of the shirt fits you well, try the one finger rule – your forefinger should be able to fit between the buttoned collar and the neck. To measure around your chest, wrap the measurement tape around your chest, under the arm pits. For the waist measurement, bring the tape down by about 6 inches and wrap around the belly. The shirts’ sleeve length should neither be too big or too small. As a rule of thumb, to wear a correct sleeve length, the shirt should cover your wrist and end at the beginning of the thumb.

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With the technology improving every day, few online fashion stores offer virtual fit assistant to help you pick right sized shirts, with few simple inputs. For those who wear blazers or suits regularly, the rule here is – The suits sleeve length should be ½” smaller than your shirt sleeve length. Also, the jackets collar should be slightly smaller for the shirt collar to be visible. Shoulder pads also add up to your look. If the shoulder pads extend beyond your shoulders, it’s best to try size that is smaller than this one. Buy them only if the shoulder pads end exactly at the point where your shoulders end. In case of trousers, the waist and the crotch length are the most important ones. When buying them, see if the trouser isn’t too baggy and the buttocks. If so, it gives a clumsy appearance. For the right trouser length, remove the shoes and the pants should just about touch the floor. The basic idea here is that the trouser should cover the socks whilst walking.

Finding the right fit in the clothing is the most important aspect while shopping for clothes in retail outlets or even while shopping online. The article gives you a clear idea to find the fitted mens clothes, the easiest way.

However, if everything else fails you can always buy him a new pair of Ray-ban sunglasses.

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