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Stylish Autumn and Winter Festivals - TrendSurvivor

Stylish Autumn and Winter Festivals

Summer festival style is over for the season, and it’s time to look ahead to the calendar of global events taking place over the autumn and winter seasons. These can be just as stylish as Coachella or Glastonbury, showcasing the height of global fashion, music and culture. Here’s a rundown of a few of the most exciting to put on your travel to-do list.

Day of the Dead

day of the deat make up

Although it’s been co-opted by Halloween party organizers, don’t just follow a sugar skull makeup tutorial and think that you understand the Day of the Dead. You have to experience the authentic celebration in Mexico, where it’s a highly spiritual event meant to honour the dead while celebrating the living. During the days between October 31st and November 2nd, those celebrating build colourful altars to remember loved ones who have passed. You’ll see the vibrantly painted sugar skulls and other figures here, along with beautiful handmade costumes and celebrations of all types.

Voodoo Music + Arts Experience

artistic scary makeup

If you’re in search of a more hedonistic experience with style to spare, head to New Orleans for the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience over Halloween weekend. This music festival rivals any summer lineup, with big names this year including LCD Soundsystem, Kendrick Lamar and The Killers. You’ll be immersed in a few spooky voodoo tales while enjoying world-class music and outlandish costumes, so don’t be afraid to get bold and daring with your festival look for this one.

Snowglobe Music Festival

Held a bit later in the year in Lake Tahoe, Snowglobe Music Festival draws electronica fans from around the world to party in a naturally beautiful setting. The crowds can be seriously stylish, so put a bit of effort into your winter layering to fit in. Some attendees go in costume, while others just wear their winter whites. The rule here is that anything goes, so you could wear 50s-era Grease costumes or modern skiing gear and fit right in. One thing to remember is to buy your tickets early – this hot fest sells out months in advance before the line-up has even been announced.

Carnival of Venice

Venice carnival outfit idea

Is there anywhere more romantic than Venice? With its swoon-worth architecture, quirky boutiques and atmospheric cafes, it’s already a hotspot for the global jet-set. Yet during Carnival, the city really comes to life with visitors from around the world, donning their finest costumes and masks to attend lavish balls and wild parties.

Vienna Opera Ball

Another grand event to put in your social calendar is the Vienna Opera Ball, a must-visit for opera fans or those who want to take part in Old World European traditions. This winter ball is famous for opening with a classic polonaise, between 150 debutantes dressed in white and 150 cavaliers dressed in black. It’s a beautiful swirl of culture and colour, inviting you to put on your own formal ball gown and break out your best jewellery.

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