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Styling Tips | Which jeans flatter your body type - TrendSurvivor

Styling Tips | Which jeans flatter your body type

Jeans to flatter your body shape

Today’s post will help you determine which jeans flatter your body type. Sure you want to know the best denim pants styles for Spring Summer 2015 but do they suit you?

If your body is pear shape would you wear the same style as someone who has an apple shape figure??

Not really!

You can refer to my previous post Styling tips- how to dress to flatter your body type for some general rules with celebrity street style and red carpet examples.

Love the funny and so true “16 Things Every Woman Should Know About Jeans by the Time She’s 30” by Sophia Chabbott for Glamour magazine.

Top 5 tips

1. Have at least one pair of jeans that make your butt look AWESOME.

2. Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em: You don’t need to wash jeans without stretch that often. In fact, non-stretch jeans get better with each unwashed wear. Washing stretchy jeans however, will tighten them right back up. Saggy butts, begone!

3. Wash your jeans inside out. It will keep the color fresh

4. Your jeans shouldn’t leave rivet or side-seam indentations on you

5. Putting a pair of jeans on should NOT be an aerobic activity. If you have to hold your breath, lie down on your bed, or wiggle your way into a pair for more than a 60 seconds, they aren’t the jeans for you.

What denim pants flatter Pear Shape bodies?

Pear Shape body illustration

If you are full through the hips, rear and thighs and smaller above the waist, you have a pear shape body.

1. Go for high waist jeans

2. Try boot cut jeans because they balance your shape

3. Darker denim wash will lengthen your legs

4. Choose jeans with details below the knee

Pear Shape bodies diagram


What jeans flatter Apple Shape body type?

Apple Shape body illustration


 Apple shape women are larger on the upper half of their bodies, and tend to gain weight in the tummy area. That’s me !!!

1. You want to show of your legs… so go for skinny jeans

2. You can wear whatever feels more conformable.. mid-rise is ideal but high-rise looks good if it pulls your tummy in area a little.

3. Stretch denim is for you 🙂

4. Straight and slim leg jeans are perfect



P.S. Have you seen the Women’s Ideal Body Types Throughout History Video?  Amazing!

Diagrams- Who What Wear

Have a lovely Day!!!

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